Sheldon/Penny: Platonic Stories
161. All Aboard by NEStar
There was a photo manipulation posted at sheldon_penny that was screaming, "WRITE FIC ABOUT ME!!!". So I did.

162. The Endorphin Substitution by weasleytook
After a break-up, Penny decides she no longer wants to have 36 hours of rebound sex so she goes to the guys for advice and distractions.

163. All Aboard (The Shining Time Remix) by templemarker
Valentine's Day, and all Penny wants is to be treated to a nice date night. But when her date cancels and she is forced to work a shift at the Cheesecake Factory, Sheldon plans her a little surprise. (Friendship)

164. Cut Time by kangeiko
Penny hobbled home. Rape, Non-Con (Must have A03 Account to read)

165. We Are Not Horses by jazzfic
Of surprises and goldfish, and breaking a no hugging rule.

166. Doctor Predictable and the Planet Purple by jazzfic
In which Penny spills nail polish and Sheldon folds sheets and is oblivious to irony.

167. Game Night by Odyle
Penny didn’t know exactly what constituted winning at Life, but Sheldon was going for it.

168. Sheldon and Penny vs The Laundromat by courtney_beth
As the night wears on, she has all but convinced herself that she is dreaming - because the events of this evening are too fucking weird to chalk it up to coincidence, even if they do involve Sheldon Cooper. Because while Sheldon is a little different and maybe borderline insane, she knows there is no way she could possibly have experienced everything this evening unless it was part of a dream.

169. Do You Know (no no no) by Muir_Wolf
Penny decides to give up on acting for a while, Sheldon tries to be supportive.

170. The Two-Legged Freak by jazzfic
There's silly, irrational fear and then there's silly, irrational fear let loose in the mind of a genius. As usual, it's left to Penny to put things right.

171. And I'm Knee-Deep In It by fujiidom
An alternate take on the aftermath of the fourth season finale.

172. Penny Plays Bodyguard by loveneverfails
Sheldon enlists Penny's help in a paintball fight against Barry Kripke.

173. Sheldon Sees Everything - Even Penny by loveneverfails
She's always loved playing dress up and she thinks maybe that's part of the reason why she became an actress, too. She likes the escape, of painting her face and becoming someone else: someone beautiful.

174. I Was A Kaleidoscope by courtney_beth
Sheldon’s laundry takes an interesting turn when he’s forced to use the Generic Soap from the laundry room’s vending machine.

175. From Alpha to Omega and the Beta Reader, Tooby weasleytook
Penny gets ambitious enough to write a novel and makes the potentially dangerous mistake of asking Sheldon for help editing.

The Uncertainty Series by medusa20
176. The Fundamental Properties of Friendship Sequel to The Uncertainty Principle. Jeremy's in town; Penny has a plan and Sheldon is channeling Nebraska.  
Part 1 "The Uncertainty Principle" can be found in the Schrödinger thread

177. Staircase Revisited by medusa20
Penny hears a different story the night of the thermostat fight.

178. Code Milky Green by virgo_writer
Who would have thought the milkiest of greens could bring such clarity?

179. The Hero Hypothesis by Rellie
So if Sheldon is 'the hero', what does that make Penny?

180. Chocolate Chip Cookies by HappyEight
Penny has a long day at work and Sheldon just wants to watch Doctor Who.
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons

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