Sheldon/Penny: Platonic Stories
141. The Discordant Screaming Expulsion by firewaterspaceairearth
"Oh my god, it's ghost Sheldon!"

142. Teldrassil Nights by kumikokat
Sheldon meets someone in a MMORPG. But who….

143. Goodbye by greysoth4ever
Set several years in the future. The gang is all grown up, married with their own kids. Sheldon Cooper dies and Penny prepares to deal with the loss of her friend.

144. The Clockwork Inefficiency by renrenren3
If you say 'a minute', Sheldon's going to take it to mean 'a minute'. Also, it's comic book store night.

145. Computer Love by Sir Hawkeye Who
While left alone in the apartment Sheldon hears a song which rekindles his love for the band Kraftwerk.

146. The Brilliant Mind Frustration by  Salivan O'Nell
Just a short story about Sheldon/Penny. Friendship, Character death.

147. Party On by Risknight
Penny and Sheldon celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day  

148. Interview with a lucky Penny Prescott by misssalix
A short magazine style interview piece with Hollywood's newest leading lady.

149. The Superhero-Actress Similarity by Les Enfant Terrible
When Penny announces she's leaving Pasadena it appears Sheldon is less than happy with her reasons why. A quick oneshot set I think late season four/early season 5

150. Convention by Risknight
Penny makes a surprise visit to a comic convention. Little does she know it's her who's about to be surprised.

151. In Pari Delicto by Kasuchi
"Why do you think we argue so much?" Five places to fornicate, except there's no fornication.

152. The Omega by ndnickerson
Someone has to be the alpha male.

153. The Melodic Holiday Impossibility by debirlfan
Penny tries to do a good deed. Sheldon helps. Sort of.

154. Shoot Down All of the Stars (& Wish Away) by allthingsholy
Sheldon needs help acting normal, and Penny's the only obvious choice. There's formal wear and gossip, too, and a kiss and a tear. They test a few hypotheses.

155. Throwing on Her Louboutins (Or Sheldon and Penny Go Shoe Shopping) by mrsvc
Sheldon and Penny go shoe shopping.

156. For Sale: One Theoretical Physicist, Comes with Comic Collection by mrsvc
Penny buys Sheldon at a Bachelor Auction.

157. The Tensile Strength Supposition by TriplePirouette
What Penny never understood before this moment was that when she wanted to find a strong man, she was looking at the wrong things.

158. Like A Superhero (Or Something) by weasleytook
She was never bitten by a radioactive spider, but Penny is pretty sure she's like a superhero.

159. Here's A Tip by d_sieya
Unfair freaky memory advantage aside, there was no way Sheldon would beat her at this.

160. The Nomenclature Citation by Hannah
Regarding the acquisition of a companion animal.
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons

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