Sheldon/Penny: Platonic Stories
121. Revelations of the Unwelcome Kind by TuesdayTerrible
The alcohol on her counter glistens with the reminder that she should have never gone out in the first place.

122. Sharing the Shenny Sauce by wolfofsheep
"I Distract You From Noticing We Don't Wear Gloves"

123. Sheldon's Law of Life (Or: How To Make a Situation Uncomfortable) by sunshineditty
Sheldon lectures Amy on Penny's "spot."

124. The Good Friend Exploration by AllHailTheDirtySock
In Penny's time of distress Sheldon decides to step up and be a good friend. This is a Shenny fanfiction - And by Shenny I mean that Sheldon and Penny are friends, and nothing more

125. Casting About by SlightlyOffKey
Trying to get an acting career off the ground is hard work and sometime the people you meet kinda SUCK. Just something short but with humor.

126. Best Friends by Sitcoms On Tv
Sheldon can always rely on Penny to be there in times of need.

127. Morning Battle by Sitcoms On Tv
Sheldon will always meet his match with Penny…

128. His Spot by Anoveldebut
A little fic about Sheldon's "spot"

129. The Coitus Consequence by NightlyBlueDemons
Sheldon doesn't cope well after he and Amy take their relationship to the next level. Who is the only person that will listen and understand? Penny of course.

130. The Virtual Tarot Prevarication by shydiva1996
Penny discovers Peter Answers and decides to try it out on a certain physicist, yielding some unexpected results. One-shot.

131. Nobody Like a Know-It-All, Sweetie by Dragonhorn (Account deleted)
Sheldon gets a taste of his own medicine from Penny of all people.

132. I Died Today by Kimlavina
Find out how Sheldon Cooper meets his demise

133. The Ice Bucket Challenge by Riley-Ann Charles
A little story for you guys

134. The Lone Star Substitution by Les Enfant Terrible
Dr Sheldon Cooper doesn't have feelings, he docent deal well with change either. something happen which makes Penny realize this isn't true.

Pirates Series by mariteri
135. Of Pirates and Planning - Penny and Sheldon wish to move forward with their lives in positive directions. And they have a plan. But what does it have to do with pirates?

136. Flag-Cakes - It's Flag day in the Sheldon/Penny household. And Sheldon made breakfast, inviting some friends over to celebrate. One-shot.

137. Baby, It's Cold by Risknight
Sheldon and Penny sing a duet together for the holidays. Friendship fic with a bit of mistakenly assumed Shenny.

138. The Milk Mass Conundrum by gothicbutterfly95
You're the milk thief' The story behind why the milk carton was lighter, as revealed in The Vegas Renormalization.

139. Taking Notes by CaptainInappropriate
Penny is in charge of taking care of Sheldon's things while he's out of town. Time for some harmless fun. Favors Shenny but no pairing.

140. Overheard, Interrupted by Darkly Dreaming
Leonard overhears a moment and has to rethink some things.
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons

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