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Penny is chaos to Sheldon's control, but they will always have each others back. This thread contains links and descriptions to fan created stories that focus on Sheldon and Penny's amazing friendship. You may find small hints of a possible future (romantic) relationship, but you won't find any kissing (except on the cheek) or sex in these stories.

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“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
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1. Sheldon's Mystery Science Theater by chunkeymonkey
Sheldon & Penny watch a cult classic

2. 300 degrees Celsius by MrsVincentCrabbe
Penny has a little fun with Sheldon because she's cold, lonely, and amazingly on a ski vacation with the boys.

3. The Green Apple Cider Conundrum by outromundomeu
After a bad day at work, all Penny wants to do on her Friday night is turn to a green apple cider drink for comfort. But her night takes an unexpected turn when Sheldon comes over to request help fixing a pair of mittens.

4. The Peace Lily Soliloquy by DesertDragon
Sheldon struggles with his inability to console a friend.

5. Proofs: The Initial Evolution by TriplePirouette
In exchange for signing a contract, Penny learns where Sheldon's contract ritual came from.

6. Delusional by chunkeymonkey
Penny hangs Mistletoe for Christmas

7. The Attractive Enchantress Extension by TriplePirouette
Alicia's arrival, and words, cause Penny to doubt her relationship with the guys.

8. Viva Las Vegas by MrsVincentCrabbe
A "shippers" take on "The Vegas Renormalization" before it ever airs (Sheldon/Penny friendship)

9. The Comfort Conundrum by Jade24
With the boys gone to the Arctic, Penny finds herself coping in a way she didn't expect.

10. Breathe That Fire Again by Rashaka
The hour is late and Dr. Sheldon Cooper cannot sleep.

11. The Necktie Cognizance by VeryBerry Rebecca
A new tie has appeared on Leonard's door, and Sheldon has no choice but to ask for Penny's help on the semantics of relationships again. But Penny has a few questions on relationships, and Sheldon, of her own.

12. Choices by daisychains123
Sheldon remembers why he always choses Spock in rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock.

Shadow Series by Lady Lioness
13. Revelation in Shadows - Penny has a stalker

14. Standing Tall in Sunlight - Sequel to 'Revelation in Shadows.' Things look different for Penny the morning after.

15. My 0,0,0,0 Thingy by NellyLush (moved to collections, drabbles and PoV thread)
Alone for the summer Penny has time to think about what the guys, and Sheldon in particular, mean to her.

16. Fighting Change by gwendy
Change is something Sheldon Cooper just couldn't deal with. At least, not without taking drastic measures.

17. Shoulder by renisanz
She was standing on her tiptoes, looking through the top shelf of her cabinet for the bottle of Jack she'd hidden away, promising herself she'd only use it for medicinal purposes. Like a tea toddy, except with no tea. (Sheldon/Penny friendship)

18. Cappy by rhapsodybree
Leonard wasn’t quite sure what to think when he walked in and found Sheldon holding a baby. Hang on, maybe the optometrist had gotten his prescription wrong in his new glasses.

19. The Pon Farr Paradigm by Nocturnias
Sheldon thinks he is going through a Pon Farr and decides he must mate. (Sheldon/Penny Friendship)

20. Number TwentyThree: Cat by And She Will Be Apples
Leonard gets a cat.
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
21. The Feline Addition Quandary by Len
It's happened. Leonard finally got a cat. Sheldon deals with it better than one might expect.

22. Peanut Butter and Jelly by Dsieya
Penny buys a BFF necklace for Sheldon as a joke

23. Lucky's Requiem by renisanz
On a rooftop meeting, Sheldon and Penny find common ground in an unusual way

24. Where's Spot by S J Smith-Evil Little Dog
Sheldon asks Penny for help. Oops.

25. Then Again by amtrak12
Sheldon's views on Penny. Friendship fic.

26. Dr Sheldon Cooper has a friend? by ShennyFTW
Think of the time there was a hot girl in Sheldon's office...but it was his sister disappointing . Sheldon's moved to another university, and this time, the hot girl in Sheldon's office is Penny...a friend.

27. Santa Baby by PandoraAndBox
Sheldon wants to visit Saint Nicholas.

28. Gratitude by Hotarukun
Penny expresses gratitude and Sheldon freaks out.

29. Find Out Who Your Friends Are by WeBuiltThePyramids
Sheldon and Penny have one of the greatest friendships ever. Song fic.

30. The Great Christmas Swap Debacle of 2009 by Ayla Pascal
Penny organizes a Secret Santa.

31. Do Your Happy Dance by Dsieya
“That thing you break out only when something really great happens? Like extremely utterly fantastically awesome?”

32. The Customer is Always Right by Talitha Koum
But that would imply that I am always wrong.' Sheldon looked positively terrified at the prospect.

33. The One Ring Misconstruction by Talitha Koum
Sheldon clasped his hands behind his back and bounced on the balls of his feet. Once. 'Bazinga. I led you to believe I was offering you a proposal of marriage.'

34. A Ph.D. for Nothing by originalgaijin
Penny teaches Sheldon a lesson or two

35. The Taquito Correlation by takalotti
Takes place shortly after episode 3.19, The Wheaton Recurrence. How will the break up affect Sheldon?

36. I'm Not Singing Soft Kitty by MadreLoca
Penny and Sheldon spend Valentines day together and take care of each other in mutual illness. Friendship fic

37. Leave by rhapsodybree
At an acting job, Penny froze in the spot when she heard the voice of the one person she really didn’t want to see here. Yep, Dr Sheldon Cooper.

38. Happy Birthday Penny by axmidnightxsun
After a terrible birthday, Penny just needs something to brighten her day.

39. The Alarm Installation by ocbitch
Sheldon thinks his ability to read people has improved, but will he read Penny when she really needs him.

40. Ask Again in Five Minutes by Jezaraen
Penny knew for a fact that nothing embarrassing had happened at the Cheesecake Factory since that incident with the pink hair dye. Speaking of which, she still had to get Sheldon back for that one.
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
41. The Christmas Abnormality by PadmeKSkywalker
Sheldon returns to his apartment to find an unsettling surprise. He is subsequently unsettled. Penny takes care of him.

42. Starlight, Starbright, Glow In The Dark Star I See by camiguin
Penny tells Sheldon about something that happened to her as a child and Sheldon responds. Glow in the dark stars are involved and sugary goodness is the result.

43. The Airport Valediction by LadyHouston
Penny says goodbye to her best friends before moving to the Big Apple.

44. Second Chance by lonegungal17
When Sheldon finds out Penny never attended her prom, he finds a way to give to her a second chance to go.

45. The Romantic Retreat by VeryBerry Rebecca
Valentine's Day, and all Penny wants is to be treated to a nice date night. But when her date cancels and she is forced to work a shift at the Cheesecake Factory, Sheldon plans her a little surprise. (Friendship)

46. The Adulthood Corollary by Len
Penny decides to move her life in a more “grown-up” direction. Not all change is good, though.

47. FBI by  lonegungal17
Sheldon and Penny dress as Mulder and Scully.

48. Who is Stan Lee? by lonegungal17
Sheldon explains to Penny who Stan Lee is.

49. My Time Machine is Better Than Yours by  lonegungal17
Penny and Sheldon discuss their favorite time machines.

50. The Favour by VeryBerry Rebecca
Sheldon ejected the DVD Star Trek 2009 from the drive and replaces it delicately into its case. Satisfied by the film, but with the hope they may introduce more characters in the sequel, a frantic knocking at his door disturbed his thoughts.

51. The Freshmen Frustration by ShipperWriter
"This had to be the stupidest idea. Ever. No, thinking that this was a good idea in the first place was a stupid idea."

52. The Reliability Factor by ShipperWriter
Penny forgets a promise she made to Sheldon, causing him to doubt her other promises to him.

53. Soft Kitty by itzalliballi
Penny is singing Soft Kitty to Leonard, and Sheldon doesn't like it.

54. The Boxer Theory by BobtheFrog
Penny finally convinces Sheldon to let her take him shopping for boxers.

55. Those Things by petthekat (Must have HQ account to read)
Sheldon finds Penny outside, under the stars, musing on her place in the world.

56. The Tide Realization by southern cross
Routine's were falling back into place and Saturday nights were for laundry. As much as things have stayed the same they have changed.

57. The Halloween Candy Discrepancy by shinysylver
Sheldon knows that Peeps are for Easter not Halloween.

58. I'm Here For You by axmidnightxsun
Penny is having a bad day and needs a shoulder to cry on. The only shoulder in sight, however, is Sheldon's.

59. All Aboard by PalisDelon
Penny and Sheldon wait for a train.

60. Shopping trip with WHACKADOODLE by stock2007
Penny goes shopping with Sheldon
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
61. A Day in Disneyland by yourbiassed
Penny takes Sheldon to Disneyland and they have a friendly competition.

62. Game Changes by yourbiassed
Penny continues to make Sheldon go through changes. What happens when he must choose other than Spock when playing Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock?

63. Why are you a Physist Sheldon? by TheDarkestShinobi
Penny's in Sheldon's office when she poses the question and his answer doesn't really surprise her.

64. The Radiohead Paradox by windswept-dreams
While usually he doesn't mind if he thinks of the topic as inconsequential; Sheldon can't stand that Penny knows something he doesn't, so he feels the need to inform her that he's figured out this 'Radiohead' thing.

65. Five Stages by Mirumo
Penny is having some rough time after her break-up with Leonard. Sheldon is always there when you don't expect him.

66. The WonderWoman Conundrum by Mirumo
Penny is displaying an unexpected knowledge about superheroes.

67. Happy Valentines Day by Mirumo
How Penny and Sheldon spent Valentines Day in The Large Hadron Collision. (Friendship)

68. The Debilitated Dilemma by Amy227 (Must have HQ account to read)
Penny falls ill and Sheldon is the only one around to look after her.

69. The Camaraderie Anomaly by poisongirll
Just a little one shot following 'The Zarnecki Incursion'. Sheldon is grateful for Penny's help.

70. The Gratitude Side Effect by danakate
Penny, Sheldon, and some not so virgin Cuba Libres. Friendship fic.

71. Hand In Hand by TempestJo
Sheldon and Penny have to use an alternate form of communication when someone comes after Sheldon's latest work.

72. The Knock Knock Knock Penny Igemination by Steve61
A week in the life of Penny as she deals with Sheldon, who is more of a pest than usual.

73. Enlightenment by stock2007
Set after the season 4 finale

74. The Nocturnal Instability by tensorial
Night awakes the monsters who live inside one's head, or how I imagine the show could deal with the insecurities lurking in these characters if it were a deeper and darker show. T for overall darkness.

75. The Vital Organ Reaction by saidthedemon
I don't ship S/P enough to want them to happen on the show, but I think they're a lovely idea. There is no action or romance in this one, but I hope you still enjoy. The ending may be taken in two, maybe three, different ways. Read it however you like.

76. Sheldor Meets a Barbarian Queen by Sheldorfan
Sheldor is slaying Pict when he comes across a stranger who may be more familiar than he realizes.

77. The EsperantoVenusian Lemma by renrenren3
It's an Esperanto-Venusian/Venusian-Esperanto dictionary. Latest edition!

78. I Owe You by Seta-Kino
Sheldon reflects on something he's recently done after hearing a conversation that the guys had earlier of course, they heard something that sparked their own conversation .

79. Penny's Revenge by Vila Restal
Trying to do this one because I've just recently got into the show. Hope everyone enjoys this. Read and Review, and please no flames. Thanks!

80. The MacGuffin Virus by gertie-flirty
Amy, Sheldon and Penny all attend a science conference. Sheldon and Penny end up having to sleep in the same hotel room."
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
81. The Descending Spiral Derivation by TriplePirouette silver 
Without the promise of an acting career, Penny falls into a downward spiral. One person desperately wants her to get out of it.

82. The Silly Stocking Supposition by TriplePirouette silver 
Amy leaves Sheldon to pursue more funding, and Penny is just looking for a fun way to cheer him up. Her gesture ends up meaning more than either of them anticipates.

83. Somewhere Only We Know by L'ange de Vie
Sheldon shares something very special to him with Penny. Rating for mention of death and very small undertone of romance.

84. The Hero Complex by Anjirika
Set early in season 5. When Sheldon proves himself to be the hero, he and Penny get a little bit closer.

85. The Beauty in Sorrow by  itakethewords
Penny wants to create, not destroy.

86. The Probable Infectious Premise by Trisha Uchiha
There is a bug going around Pasadena and Sheldon tires as hard as he can to prevent from catching it but when Penny gets sick he steps up and takes care of her just as she did when he was ill.

87. The Best Gift by BaronessBlixen
Penny feels sorry for Sheldon when his toy transporter breaks...Spoilers for 05x20 The Transporter Malfunction

88. The Break Down by Tomasina
Penny makes the mistake of giving Sheldon a ride home from the train store. Set during late Season 4.

89. Peony by BG Sparrow
"Despite your doctor's explicit instructions not to speak, I'm glad you asked."

90. The Rooftop Quandary by SRWriting34
Penny and Sheldon get locked on the roof together. Will they kill each other before they're found? Following the season 5 finale.

91. The Annual Church Experience by TheVulcanPrincess
Sheldon Cooper promised his mother that he would attend church at least once per year.

92. 5 Times the Phone Rang & One Time It Was the Door by amtrak12
Penny runs away to Nebraska after she and Leonard break-up, but the other three guys don't like it.

93. The Camaraderie Support by WeBuiltThePyramids
A friendship fic. Ideas inspired by "The Peanut Reaction" and "The Gorilla Experiment." Penny wants help doing something for Leonard, so she enlists their best friend. My attempt at some Sheldon/Penny banter...though all five will be around.

94. Memories And Loss by FanFictionFan9876
Flashes of Penny's last years on Earth, as she reflects on her life. Character deaths

95. The Christmas Gift by Midnightflavoblaze
Penny wants to top the Spock Napkin...but can she?

96. The Crunchy Spaghetti Hypothesis by Darkly Dreaming
In the few days Leonard didn't see Penny, Sheldon did. Insults, friendly advice, and a little underlying UST, but isn't that what happens in any Shenny episode?

97. The Hack Homonym by Darkly Dreaming
Penny teaches Sheldon to hack. It becomes "their thing." Headcanon, but could be canon. If TPTB wanted.

98. The Laundry Night Disruption by FullWolfMoonGirl
Penny's date is a complete jerk. Sheldon comes to her defense in his own special way. Shenny potential if you squint

99. Arm Wrestling by sammiepop
Penny is bored one day so Leonard suggests a spot of arm wrestling. Can Penny beat the boys and in particular Sheldon?

100. The Summit by Skye Maxwell
In which Penny drags a reluctant Sheldon up a mountain, and their journey brings them to something that they weren't quite expecting.
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
101. Los Roblesopoly by Risknight
It's been six years since Penny met her guys. She decides to celebrate.

102. The Tabular Analysis by musetastique
Valentine's Day, and all Penny wants is to be treated to a nice date night. But when her date cancels and she is forced to work a shift at the Cheesecake Factory, Sheldon plans her a little surprise. Friendship

103. Reciprocity by Risknight
Penny has a birthday coming up and Sheldon searches for the perfect gift.

104. To Nurture a Penny Blossom by quirky-circus
A hint of a relationship between Sheldon and Penny begins with heartbreak, tears and a silent recognition of unknown feelings and the hope that they will be nurtured. Friendship

105. Perception by Risknight
This is not a happy story. It is not a fluffy Shenny story. There is no happily ever after here. This one deals with a very painful subject. I am not advocating for suicide with this story. I am not trying to shock or offend anyone. I just need to get this out of my heart and into the light of day. Character Death, Suicide

106. Social Protocol by thisisonlineright
Penny is upset, and social protocol states that when a friend is upset, you offer them a hot beverage.

107. Saturday Morning by ms. rosey cheeks
Penny joins Sheldon on a Saturday morning.

108. The Soft Kitty Conundrum by PennyBlossom
A short little shenny story that I have worked on over a couple days. It's short but sweet. Sheldon isn't feeling so hot so it's up to Penny to make sure she sings his special song.

109. The Calm After The Storm by Lizwontcry
Penny is going through something only Sheldon can understand. As he helps her cope with grief, they both realize how much they have in common, and how close they've become over the years.

110. The Big Bug Theory by Forever Fanwarrior
A quick one-shot about what happens when there's a beetle in Sheldon's room.

111. The Roommate Agreement by Risknight
Penny needs Sheldon. Sheldon needs Penny.

112. The Midnight Snack Anomaly by Darkly Dreaming
Sheldon unexpectedly wakes to Penny cooking in his apartment.

113. Never Surrender by Risknight
Everyone is stressed out and Penny unveils a grand scheme to get them all to relax a bit.

114. Connecting Constellations by Dance Elle Dance
Sheldon, Penny, and impromptu stargazing.

115. It's Nice To Be A Lunatic by Halley the Comet (Account removed)
When she goes to Sheldon's office, Penny discovers something incredible - Sheldon's a fan of music!

116. Fake Plastic Trees by Bsparrow
Inspired by the song by Radiohead. When moving to Los Angeles doesn't turn out quite the way she'd expected, only one person can bring Penny home.

117. Smoke by Halley the Comet (Account removed)
Penny doesn't understand why Sheldon keeps sneaking outside, until she follows him out one time. One-shot.

118. Arctic Realizations by muaaimoi
Basically my take on what went down at the beginning of season three.

119. Baby Roses by macisgate
If Penny had known that opening her apartment door to Sheldon that day would lead to her baring her soul, she might have ignored his three knocks and his promises of baked goods. But he did make one heck of a banana loaf.

120. Permanent Follicle Damage by Entire Oranges
Sheldon is out of shampoo.
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
121. Revelations of the Unwelcome Kind by TuesdayTerrible
The alcohol on her counter glistens with the reminder that she should have never gone out in the first place.

122. Sharing the Shenny Sauce by wolfofsheep
"I Distract You From Noticing We Don't Wear Gloves"

123. Sheldon's Law of Life (Or: How To Make a Situation Uncomfortable) by sunshineditty
Sheldon lectures Amy on Penny's "spot."

124. The Good Friend Exploration by AllHailTheDirtySock
In Penny's time of distress Sheldon decides to step up and be a good friend. This is a Shenny fanfiction - And by Shenny I mean that Sheldon and Penny are friends, and nothing more

125. Casting About by SlightlyOffKey
Trying to get an acting career off the ground is hard work and sometime the people you meet kinda SUCK. Just something short but with humor.

126. Best Friends by Sitcoms On Tv
Sheldon can always rely on Penny to be there in times of need.

127. Morning Battle by Sitcoms On Tv
Sheldon will always meet his match with Penny…

128. His Spot by Anoveldebut
A little fic about Sheldon's "spot"

129. The Coitus Consequence by NightlyBlueDemons
Sheldon doesn't cope well after he and Amy take their relationship to the next level. Who is the only person that will listen and understand? Penny of course.

130. The Virtual Tarot Prevarication by shydiva1996
Penny discovers Peter Answers and decides to try it out on a certain physicist, yielding some unexpected results. One-shot.

131. Nobody Like a Know-It-All, Sweetie by Dragonhorn (Account deleted)
Sheldon gets a taste of his own medicine from Penny of all people.

132. I Died Today by Kimlavina
Find out how Sheldon Cooper meets his demise

133. The Ice Bucket Challenge by Riley-Ann Charles
A little story for you guys

134. The Lone Star Substitution by Les Enfant Terrible
Dr Sheldon Cooper doesn't have feelings, he docent deal well with change either. something happen which makes Penny realize this isn't true.

Pirates Series by mariteri
135. Of Pirates and Planning - Penny and Sheldon wish to move forward with their lives in positive directions. And they have a plan. But what does it have to do with pirates?

136. Flag-Cakes - It's Flag day in the Sheldon/Penny household. And Sheldon made breakfast, inviting some friends over to celebrate. One-shot.

137. Baby, It's Cold by Risknight
Sheldon and Penny sing a duet together for the holidays. Friendship fic with a bit of mistakenly assumed Shenny.

138. The Milk Mass Conundrum by gothicbutterfly95
You're the milk thief' The story behind why the milk carton was lighter, as revealed in The Vegas Renormalization.

139. Taking Notes by CaptainInappropriate
Penny is in charge of taking care of Sheldon's things while he's out of town. Time for some harmless fun. Favors Shenny but no pairing.

140. Overheard, Interrupted by Darkly Dreaming
Leonard overhears a moment and has to rethink some things.
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
141. The Discordant Screaming Expulsion by firewaterspaceairearth
"Oh my god, it's ghost Sheldon!"

142. Teldrassil Nights by kumikokat
Sheldon meets someone in a MMORPG. But who….

143. Goodbye by greysoth4ever
Set several years in the future. The gang is all grown up, married with their own kids. Sheldon Cooper dies and Penny prepares to deal with the loss of her friend.

144. The Clockwork Inefficiency by renrenren3
If you say 'a minute', Sheldon's going to take it to mean 'a minute'. Also, it's comic book store night.

145. Computer Love by Sir Hawkeye Who
While left alone in the apartment Sheldon hears a song which rekindles his love for the band Kraftwerk.

146. The Brilliant Mind Frustration by  Salivan O'Nell
Just a short story about Sheldon/Penny. Friendship, Character death.

147. Party On by Risknight
Penny and Sheldon celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day  

148. Interview with a lucky Penny Prescott by misssalix
A short magazine style interview piece with Hollywood's newest leading lady.

149. The Superhero-Actress Similarity by Les Enfant Terrible
When Penny announces she's leaving Pasadena it appears Sheldon is less than happy with her reasons why. A quick oneshot set I think late season four/early season 5

150. Convention by Risknight
Penny makes a surprise visit to a comic convention. Little does she know it's her who's about to be surprised.

151. In Pari Delicto by Kasuchi
"Why do you think we argue so much?" Five places to fornicate, except there's no fornication.

152. The Omega by ndnickerson
Someone has to be the alpha male.

153. The Melodic Holiday Impossibility by debirlfan
Penny tries to do a good deed. Sheldon helps. Sort of.

154. Shoot Down All of the Stars (& Wish Away) by allthingsholy
Sheldon needs help acting normal, and Penny's the only obvious choice. There's formal wear and gossip, too, and a kiss and a tear. They test a few hypotheses.

155. Throwing on Her Louboutins (Or Sheldon and Penny Go Shoe Shopping) by mrsvc
Sheldon and Penny go shoe shopping.

156. For Sale: One Theoretical Physicist, Comes with Comic Collection by mrsvc
Penny buys Sheldon at a Bachelor Auction.

157. The Tensile Strength Supposition by TriplePirouette
What Penny never understood before this moment was that when she wanted to find a strong man, she was looking at the wrong things.

158. Like A Superhero (Or Something) by weasleytook
She was never bitten by a radioactive spider, but Penny is pretty sure she's like a superhero.

159. Here's A Tip by d_sieya
Unfair freaky memory advantage aside, there was no way Sheldon would beat her at this.

160. The Nomenclature Citation by Hannah
Regarding the acquisition of a companion animal.
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
161. Long Time Waiting by ishie
"I'm not talking about this with you, Sheldon. Get out so I can go home and back to bed, or I'll come over there and kick you out."

New stories added: 06/19/219

162. Anyone She Needed by Wintreaux
Leonard's a dick, that's not new. Sheldon to Penny's rescue (as always, if you like Leonard don't read my stories, you've been warned). This is Shenny friendship, but if you squint really hard and turn your head to the left you might see some romance (Domestic Violence)

163. The HVAC Insufficiency by Alexis_Rockford
When Sheldon insists the AC in his apartment is broken, Penny suspects the true reason he is chilled. Takes place some time after Leonard and Penny break up in season 3.

164. The Rotational Moisture Removal by debirlfan
Sheldon learns that Penny has unexpected skills.

165. The Leonard Controversy by Sourlander
Penny dug up some dirt on Leonard... or at least that's Sheldon's opinion

166. The Feedback Loop Negativity by Alexis_Rockford
When Penny experiences a series of mishaps, she begins to think they are no accident. Can she stop Sheldon from using her as a human guinea pig once and for all?
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons

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