Sheldon/Penny: Platonic Stories
81. The Descending Spiral Derivation by TriplePirouette silver 
Without the promise of an acting career, Penny falls into a downward spiral. One person desperately wants her to get out of it.

82. The Silly Stocking Supposition by TriplePirouette silver 
Amy leaves Sheldon to pursue more funding, and Penny is just looking for a fun way to cheer him up. Her gesture ends up meaning more than either of them anticipates.

83. Somewhere Only We Know by L'ange de Vie
Sheldon shares something very special to him with Penny. Rating for mention of death and very small undertone of romance.

84. The Hero Complex by Anjirika
Set early in season 5. When Sheldon proves himself to be the hero, he and Penny get a little bit closer.

85. The Beauty in Sorrow by  itakethewords
Penny wants to create, not destroy.

86. The Probable Infectious Premise by Trisha Uchiha
There is a bug going around Pasadena and Sheldon tires as hard as he can to prevent from catching it but when Penny gets sick he steps up and takes care of her just as she did when he was ill.

87. The Best Gift by BaronessBlixen
Penny feels sorry for Sheldon when his toy transporter breaks...Spoilers for 05x20 The Transporter Malfunction

88. The Break Down by Tomasina
Penny makes the mistake of giving Sheldon a ride home from the train store. Set during late Season 4.

89. Peony by BG Sparrow
"Despite your doctor's explicit instructions not to speak, I'm glad you asked."

90. The Rooftop Quandary by SRWriting34
Penny and Sheldon get locked on the roof together. Will they kill each other before they're found? Following the season 5 finale.

91. The Annual Church Experience by TheVulcanPrincess
Sheldon Cooper promised his mother that he would attend church at least once per year.

92. 5 Times the Phone Rang & One Time It Was the Door by amtrak12
Penny runs away to Nebraska after she and Leonard break-up, but the other three guys don't like it.

93. The Camaraderie Support by WeBuiltThePyramids
A friendship fic. Ideas inspired by "The Peanut Reaction" and "The Gorilla Experiment." Penny wants help doing something for Leonard, so she enlists their best friend. My attempt at some Sheldon/Penny banter...though all five will be around.

94. Memories And Loss by FanFictionFan9876
Flashes of Penny's last years on Earth, as she reflects on her life. Character deaths

95. The Christmas Gift by Midnightflavoblaze
Penny wants to top the Spock Napkin...but can she?

96. The Crunchy Spaghetti Hypothesis by Darkly Dreaming
In the few days Leonard didn't see Penny, Sheldon did. Insults, friendly advice, and a little underlying UST, but isn't that what happens in any Shenny episode?

97. The Hack Homonym by Darkly Dreaming
Penny teaches Sheldon to hack. It becomes "their thing." Headcanon, but could be canon. If TPTB wanted.

98. The Laundry Night Disruption by FullWolfMoonGirl
Penny's date is a complete jerk. Sheldon comes to her defense in his own special way. Shenny potential if you squint

99. Arm Wrestling by sammiepop
Penny is bored one day so Leonard suggests a spot of arm wrestling. Can Penny beat the boys and in particular Sheldon?

100. The Summit by Skye Maxwell
In which Penny drags a reluctant Sheldon up a mountain, and their journey brings them to something that they weren't quite expecting.
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons

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