Sheldon/Penny: Platonic Stories
21. The Feline Addition Quandary by Len
It's happened. Leonard finally got a cat. Sheldon deals with it better than one might expect.

22. Peanut Butter and Jelly by Dsieya
Penny buys a BFF necklace for Sheldon as a joke

23. Lucky's Requiem by renisanz
On a rooftop meeting, Sheldon and Penny find common ground in an unusual way

24. Where's Spot by S J Smith-Evil Little Dog
Sheldon asks Penny for help. Oops.

25. Then Again by amtrak12
Sheldon's views on Penny. Friendship fic.

26. Dr Sheldon Cooper has a friend? by ShennyFTW
Think of the time there was a hot girl in Sheldon's office...but it was his sister disappointing . Sheldon's moved to another university, and this time, the hot girl in Sheldon's office is Penny...a friend.

27. Santa Baby by PandoraAndBox
Sheldon wants to visit Saint Nicholas.

28. Gratitude by Hotarukun
Penny expresses gratitude and Sheldon freaks out.

29. Find Out Who Your Friends Are by WeBuiltThePyramids
Sheldon and Penny have one of the greatest friendships ever. Song fic.

30. The Great Christmas Swap Debacle of 2009 by Ayla Pascal
Penny organizes a Secret Santa.

31. Do Your Happy Dance by Dsieya
“That thing you break out only when something really great happens? Like extremely utterly fantastically awesome?”

32. The Customer is Always Right by Talitha Koum
But that would imply that I am always wrong.' Sheldon looked positively terrified at the prospect.

33. The One Ring Misconstruction by Talitha Koum
Sheldon clasped his hands behind his back and bounced on the balls of his feet. Once. 'Bazinga. I led you to believe I was offering you a proposal of marriage.'

34. A Ph.D. for Nothing by originalgaijin
Penny teaches Sheldon a lesson or two

35. The Taquito Correlation by takalotti
Takes place shortly after episode 3.19, The Wheaton Recurrence. How will the break up affect Sheldon?

36. I'm Not Singing Soft Kitty by MadreLoca
Penny and Sheldon spend Valentines day together and take care of each other in mutual illness. Friendship fic

37. Leave by rhapsodybree
At an acting job, Penny froze in the spot when she heard the voice of the one person she really didn’t want to see here. Yep, Dr Sheldon Cooper.

38. Happy Birthday Penny by axmidnightxsun
After a terrible birthday, Penny just needs something to brighten her day.

39. The Alarm Installation by ocbitch
Sheldon thinks his ability to read people has improved, but will he read Penny when she really needs him.

40. Ask Again in Five Minutes by Jezaraen
Penny knew for a fact that nothing embarrassing had happened at the Cheesecake Factory since that incident with the pink hair dye. Speaking of which, she still had to get Sheldon back for that one.
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons

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