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This thread contains links and descriptions to fan created stories (or a series of stories) where Sheldon and Penny turn their friendship into something more over time. Any stories that have descriptive sex in it will be marked (M)  

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“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
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1. The Reverse Pygmalion Paradox by Bartimus Crotchety silver
Penny wakes up after a lost night of drinking with a surprise visitor with her in her bed. What really happened? Only one person knows, and he's got an eye twitch.

2. The Cocoa Effect by Salmonpuff
Sheldon has gone away for a sci fi convention, and Penny finds herself thinking about him more and more

Sheldon's Sick Series by Trbl silver
3. Sheldon's Sick - If only Penny had remembered what "Code Milky-Green" meant.

4. Sheldon's List - Sequel to "Sheldon's sick".

5. Sheldon's Plan - Sequel to "Sheldon's List".

6. Sheldon's Girlfriend - Sequel to "Sheldon's Plan".

7. Dance Class by starfish001
Sheldon teaches Penny to dance and discovers some feelings he never knew he had. (M)

8. Wanted: Roommate Normal Need Not Apply by PrincessButtercup83 silver
Sheldon and Penny become roommates

9. The Cooper Libido Experiment by gwendy silver
There are times when the thing you love the most will cause your downfall. In the case of Dr. Sheldon Cooper, that would be Science... Sheldon/Penny, with secondary characters Leslie Winkle and Ramona Nowitzki (M)

10. Evolution by MrsVincentCrabbe silver
Leonard never believed in evolution as a scientific fact. That was, not until he saw it happen before his eyes. Shenny

11. The Ozian Declaration by PrincessButtercup83 silver
Penny had wanted to be in the movies. How is it possible that her leading man turns out to be this guy?

12. The Bed Bath Paradigm Shift by starfish001 silver
It's angst. There's a car crash. Someone gets hurt. Some feelings are confronted. I'm not sure I could have squeezed in any more clichés if I'd tried.

13. The Chemistry Corollary by starfish001 silver
Sheldon watches as Penny and Leonard self-destruct…

14. The Smile by RainbowPaintedCorpse
Sheldon learns over time that he has fallen for something a little more than just Penny's smile. Can Thomas Dolby help him see the truth?

15. Spoiler Alert by Dsieya
Sheldon and Penny slowly realize their feelings towards each other

Unrequited Series by Darkly Dreaming
16. The Unrequited Love Paradox - Set during The Launch Acceleration. Penny harbors secret feelings for Sheldon and only Raj knows. He takes a picture of Sheldon in the tux and sends it to Penny.

17. The Hand Holding Continuation - Just a short scene I thought might've broken my heart even more. Cuz I'm a Shenny shipper and we're masochists or something. Shamy (Amy's POV)

18. Love Hurts - Follows The Unrequited Love Paradox and The Hand-Holding Continuation. Shamy fans keep away; Shenny is no longer doomed!

19. The Osculation Definition - by Philyra912 silver
Sheldon gets kissed. Things evolve from there.

20. The Uncertainty Principle by PrincessButtercup83
Penny's spent years making sure she had everything she wanted. Right?
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
21. The Naked Truth Reciprocation by Chezzles.ze.Great silver
After a few weeks trying to reconcile with the fact Sheldon has seen her completely naked, she confronts him with an ultimatum: bare it all or live with the consequences. Unexpectedly, her demands cause something entirely different to surface.

22. The Dactylic Hexameter by PrincessButtercup83 silver
Sheldon and Penny are friends. Right?

23. The Communication Progression by graffy silver
It's one of those sweet moments where Sheldon is being playful without his usual condescension. Five moments where Sheldon told Penny something, and the one time she told him.

24. The Sleeping Circumstance by Daydreaming-with-ink silver
An account of the many times Penny and Sheldon have slept together, in all sorts of lovely ways. (M)

25. The Paternal Catalyst by Hermy Puckle
Because of her father, Penny finds herself hiding in the laundry room while Sheldon constructs a dating formula and Leonard performs human experiments.

26. The Cheap Dress Retaliation by starfish001 silver
Penny is having a bad night and goes looking for something to make her feel better, causing Sheldon to have to deal with the emotional fallout. As usual, he attempts to use science to figure it all out.

Inflexibility Series by FanFictionFan9876
27. The Inflexibility Paradigm - Penny leaves and Sheldon has a hard time in coping with the loss and change to his routine. He MUST get her back, in order to restore order to chaos.

28. The Fallout Situation - Sequel to the Inflexibility Paradigm. Penny and Sheldon return home. How will everyone react.

29. The Ever-After Desire - Sequel to The Inflexibility Paradigm and The Fallout Situation

30. The Providential Dismissal Quandary by htbthomas silver
Sheldon's to blame. Penny's furious. The guys are helpless. What's a string theorist to do?

31. And the Reel Plays On and On by greatestheights silver
Pause. Rewind. Fast-forward. As Sheldon struggles to understand when things began to shift with Penny, he discovers his normal approach is useless here.

32. The SnowFlake Effect by KeliLose silver
Going out of town as a group wasn't the problem, coming home was. When the gang gets stranded in a small town, with rooms filling up fast, Sheldon and Penny are forced to share a room. (M)

Paladinverse Series by SpaceAnJL Soft Kitty Gold
33. The Paladin Protocol - Every journey has to start somewhere. This one began when Penny found an alternative to paintball, and Sheldon dusted off an old skill.

34. Strange and Charmed - Non-chronological The Paladin Protocol-verse ficlets. (Collection)

35. The Callipygian Exposition - This is Jim Parsons' fault for suggesting that Sheldon get ripped. Paladinverse One-shot

36. The Music Metamorphosis by Imaginari-Mari
Penny and Sheldon's friendship is transforming into something neither of them expected. Each stage of the developing relationship is found in a randomly chosen song that coincidentally – or, in accordance with the law of large numbers - fits perfectly.

37. The Dead Engine Catastrophe by ox-dancindarlin-xo
Penny's car breaks down whilst giving Sheldon a ride to work. Raj and Howard come to the rescue, but things are never the same between Penny and Sheldon... What will happen one lonely night when he decides to visit her in her apartment?

38. Shirts by gingercumberbabies
Sheldon has feelings for Penny, but he can't do anything if she is dating Leonard, can he?

Saturnalia Series by Risknight
39. Sheldon's Merry Saturnalia - Penny finds the perfect holiday gift for Sheldon. What happens when they draw closer because of it?

40. A Year in the Life - A sequel to Sheldon's Merry Saturnalia.
41. Geneva, Je, T'aime by Lady Medusa Formalization silver
Sheldon and Penny finally get their chance to see the Hadron Collider and each other as well.

42. The Grad Student by Trbl silver
Penny can't just leave Sheldon to fend for himself when a Grad Student gets fresh.

43. The Symposium Equation by TempestJo silver
Sheldon gets two tickets to a coveted event, but must bring a female…

44. The Comatose Conjuncture by dusk-raccoon218
An accident causes Sheldon to fall into a coma. With Penny's help, can he navigate his way out of his mind?

45. The Libido Revelation by The Frisky Firelily (available to read with HQ Membership)
Whilst sneaking into the boys apartment one night Penny makes an interesting discovery. (M)

46. The Plan by TempestJo silver
Sheldon finds the secret to attracting Beautiful women and decides to try it out on the most beautiful woman he knows, the one he's had a secret crush on ever since she moved in across the hall…

47. 5 Times by bigbangbones83
A story that chronicles 5 times that Penny and Sheldon sleep together.

48. The Enthrallment Variable by Concupiscence66 silver
Penny thinks she's found the perfect girl for Sheldon. (M)

49. Who's Gonna Love You Baby? by TempestJo silver
A just-for-fun story about Penny and what she'll do to avoid causing disturbance in Sheldon's Tuesday routine. Probably fluffy and maybe even OOC.

50. The Inescapable Attachment Hypothesis by Syrus silver
A story showing how even the most hardheaded of people can change when given a good enough reason.

Vestigial Organ Series by kmd5133 silver
51. The Vestigial Organ Recall - Sheldon gets sick. The guys bail on him, so it's Penny to the rescue

52. The Aesop Continuum - Sequel to The Vestigial Organ Recall. What happens when Sheldon returns home after his emergency appendectomy.

53. The Burrowing Wood Tick Analogy - Sequel to Aesop Continuum. Due to a snow storm, Penny can't go home for the holidays. Sheldon has an idea so she won't be alone.

54. The Confusing Dream Conundrum by poisongirll
It all started when Sheldon had a confusing dream about Penny…

55. The Laundry Night Hypothesis by Maddy46
Penny likes Sheldon. Sheldon likes Penny. Simple right? Until we add Leonard into the equation. The story of Sheldon and Penny's growing love for one another

56. The Brother Analysis by XX4aXX
Penny meets Sheldon's brother and he helps her realize her true feelings.

57. Circle the Drain by stock2007
Penny is alone will she found happiness very dark to start but!

58. The Relationship Contemplation by Trisha Uchiha
Sheldon is trying to process what Penny told him three weeks ago when he tried to ask her out to make Amy jealous. Penny is also thinking about her feelings for Sheldon. Follows The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition.

59. The Unapproved Relationship Agreement by mandikm
Penny unintentionally causes the termination of Sheldon and Amy's Relationship Agreement. References to 5x10 "The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition."

60. Choices That We Make by hpstrawberry
There are two paths in life one that can break you and the other which leads to success. Sheldon must learn the hard way is he going to realize it or lose it all. a little L/P in the middle.
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
61. The Multiple Hypotheses Theorem by  thebluemartian silver
Post The Flaming Spittoon. The gang head to Las Vegas for a conference where Sheldon is presenting monumental findings. Soon there are changes in Sheldon and Amy's new relationship and a lot changes in the whole group.

Relationship Fallacy Series by shinysylver
62. The Cooper Fowler Relationship Fallacy - Sheldon has decided that marrying Amy would be a suitable and mutually beneficial arrangement. Penny helps him realize that he is wrong.

63. The Emotional Attachment Determination - Sequel to The Cooper-Fowler Relationship Fallacy. Sheldon has come to the realization that Penny is his best friend which seems to make everything more complicated.

64. Season 5 by Trisha Uchiha silver
What if Penny never slept with Raj but with a certain blue-eyed Physicist? This is what season 5 would be like, at least in my shipper mind. Continues immediately from the season 4 finale. Possibly spoilers from season 1-4.

65. Change of Address by TempestJo silver
When Sheldon moves out, life changes.

66. The Class Reunion by XX4aXX
Penny asks Sheldon to accompany her to her 10 year class reunion, she may soon wish she hadn't.

67. Assuage Through Altruism by mandikm silver
It takes Penny seven days to finally make sense of what was always right there in front of her. Or more specifically, "who."

68. The Saturnalia Preposition by Trisha Uchiha silver
Sheldon is upset that Howard, Raj and Leonard are going back home for the holidays. He's even more startled that Penny is leaving as well and decides to accompany her in order to avoid isolation.

69. The Suitable Mate Realization by Trisha Uchiha
Set during season 5 after The Vacation Solution. Penny and Leonard break up again after their Beta Test relationship and Sheldon offers to find her the perfect guy.

70. The Reverse Crush Conundrum by Lizwontcry silver
Everyone was so focused on Leonard's crush on Penny that her all-consuming crush on Sheldon goes unnoticed. When Sheldon finds out about her feelings, they go on an emotional and physical journey neither of them saw coming

71. The Inverted Disposition Dare by Trisha Uchiha
The gang vote in favor of daring Sheldon and Penny to switch roles for a day. When they become aware that they miss what makes them who they are, they realize their attraction for one another.

72. The News Article Significance by SRWriting34 silver
Penny knows what she wants in life. At least, she used to. Howard and Bernadette's wedding sets off a series of events which will change her life forever. Plans change and Penny will have to learn the hard way how to adapt.

73. The News Article Significance: The Jubilation Continuum - The Rated M version of Chapter 41 of The News Article Significance. Sheldon gives Penny a surprise after Leonard and Amy's wedding. (M)

Calling Bluffs Series by DSieya
74. Calling Bluffs - It doesn’t matter that chocolate is technically not an aphrodisiac. When it comes to getting back at Sheldon, Penny’s ready to pretend anything.

75. Unsaid - Sequel to Calling Bluffs. His inner voice politely didn’t mention that he had also chosen to forgo romance and intimate relationships because they were, on the whole, quite frankly beyond him.

76. Apocalypse Week by Eternal Contradiction silver
Sheldon Cooper is crazy, but also kind of made of awesomeness. Or at least that's how Howard puts it. Penny thinks there's a possibility he's made of sexy, and really, the world must be ending if she has to suppress wayward urges to kiss him.

77. The Browncoat Revelation by Ultrawoman silver
Sheldon had no idea that Penny shares one of his greatest passions, and when he finds out, it leads to a closeness neither could have imagined possible!

78. The Girlfriend Agreement by partbritishtowhead silver
Their first kiss is accidental. Their second is experimental. Their third? Well, I'll let you figure that one out for yourself. Leonard moves back to NJ, and Penny copes with his absence by moving in with Sheldon. Oh, the humanity.

Bazinga Series by Pickl3lily
79. Lying by Bazinga - An inability to lie bring Sheldon to the one person he has seen lie to people, including those she cared about. Shedding light on the difficulties of being dedicated to social distance.

80. Big ole five - Sequel to lying by bazinga. The morning after Sheldon's lesson wield some interesting results. Can't promise brilliance but can promise shenny.
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
81. Twelve by ClaudiaRain
Everyone has them, those turning points where life can go one way or another. Penny couldn't consciously identify hers, but if she could, she'd have been surprised at the events that led her exactly where she was supposed to be.

82. The Bellagio Peregrination by FlippySpoon silver
Sheldon reluctantly takes Penny along to a conference in Las Vegas. Epiphanies are had, stars are gazed, cards are counted, shenanigans are shenaniganed.

83. The Arctic Revisited by SweetTale4u silver
Sheldon is advised by the University that his findings from his expedition require further field study. No one wants to go with him. Penny is back in school and Sheldon proposes she accompany him for college credit. Little does she know what awaits them (M)

84. Falling by banana-x-phone
Penny decides to go back to school and in the process of improving herself academically, she finds her self falling for her crazy neighbor.

85. Home to Texas by Reparata silver
Sheldon leaves Pasadena and his career and returns home, broken and betrayed. The people in his life unwillingly come to his rescue. He has found a life for himself that is satisfying. Will he want to go back?

86. Pandora's Box by Lizwontcry silver
After he asks her for advice on how to take his relationship with Amy to the next level, Sheldon and Penny are drawn to each other. How far will they take their attraction, and how much will it cost them? (M)

87. The Time Paradox Hypothesis by Genkai-chan
Three times in which Sheldon and Penny discuss time travel and one time in which they didn't need to speak at all.

88. Tensile Strength by Lady Medusa Formalization
The ties that bind Sheldon to Amy and Penny are put to the test, Character Death

89. Always There by Axelrocks
They may always fight, but they were always there for each other. And right now Penny needs Sheldon and who knows, maybe in the end he'll find out he needs her too.

PasadenaOmaha Series by Devilbk Soft Kitty
90. The PasadenaOmaha Inversion - Penny's folks split up. Her mother shows up in Pasadena. Her father drowns his sorrows. Penny heads to Omaha to help out. Takes place following Season 6 and was written prior to Season 7, just barely. I've changed the rating from M to T but there is some language.

91. The Body Snatcher Conundrum - Continuation of PasadenaOmaha Inversion. The Penny has been back from Nebraska for a couple of months after helping her father out after her mother filed for divorce. She discovers that her life at 2311 N. Los Robles is a new television show and she has nothing to do with it. What can she do? How can her friends help?

92. The Non-Coincident Theorem - Continuation of The Body-Snatcher Conundrum.  Penny & Sheldon are together and happy. But there are some loose ends from the previous stories that still need to be tied up. One of those loose ends threatens everything.

93. Silver Lining by emmaspirate
They say that 'every dark cloud has a silver lining'. Penny finds out that it's true after a car accident brings Sheldon and her closer. But will they ever be able to get together as the mourn the loss of one of their best friends.

94. Mr. & Mrs. Jones by Reparata
Penny sees something she shouldn't and is the target for drug cartel hitmen. She gets help from her whackadoodle neighbor and things just go downhill from there. Thrust into Witness Protection just as her career takes off, she resents everything and everyone here in the middle of Nowheresville where she has to play the role of her life - as Sheldon Cooper's wife, Pamela.

95. The Physicist Divergence Anomaly by banana-x-phone silver
Sheldon asks Penny out on a date and instead of declining, she accepts.

96. Battle of Pasadena by Reparata
A prank war to end all prank wars to establish, once and for all, just who ruled the roost. Queen Penelope vs Sheldor the Conqueror. But things rapidly escalate beyond mere pranks. Who will back down first?

97. Between the Lines by Jezaraen
Between the lines and beneath the silence, actions speak louder than words ever could.

98. The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of by TempestJo silver
Sheldon has a dream which opens new doors.. (M)

99. New Beginnings by silver
Sheldon wins his Nobel Prize. Penny comes back to Pasadena to congratulate and celebrate. Everything has changed, was it for the better? Post Season 5 (M)

100. Daily Occurrences by JLynnB Soft Kitty silver
Sheldon's turning thirty. To Penny's shock, that's the age of a mid-life crisis for a theoretical physicist. She'll help Sheldon face himself and his biggest nemesis - Kripke and his widdicule.
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
Pranks & Capers Series by  Eternal Contradiction silver
101. Prank Wars - It started with something Penny hadn't intended to be a prank and then escalated into so much more. With the tension between Sheldon and Penny, one of them has to break first.

102. The Caper Continuum - Sequel to Prank Wars. "I've got a proposal to make. I think we should continue this prank war, only instead of targeting each other, we should target other people. Like, say, Leonard, Howard and Raj? Maybe we can get some Kripke or Wheaton in there too.

103. How Did This Happen? by MissBrittiny silver
It hits Penny that she has been falling for Sheldon since day one. It's getting harder and harder on her. What's worse? He knows. She is doing everything not to hurt Amy, her "bestie".

104. The La Mancha Stratagem by LANIKI silver
Sheldon Cooper chose to follow Don Quixote's plan for his life, including only loving pure and chaste from afar. That is, until a beautiful blonde woman moved in across the hall and changed everything. Including his life.

105. Steps by MelyBelle44 silver
It takes a village to help Dr Sheldon Cooper find his way through the world of romance. (M)

106. The Battered Physicist Anomaly by Axelrocks silver
Penny comes home to find Sheldon slumped by his door; face black and blue. She doesn't know what happened to him, but she will find out. Until then she's going to take care of him, all the while trying not to fall deeper in love. This should be easy, right?

107. The Last of Us by SimplyKorra silver
People always ask her why she stays. She responds simply and with a smile. "Because I love him."

108. The Supersymmetry Revelation by Tuesday Pajamas Soft Kitty silver
When something unexpected happens between Sheldon and Penny, his lack of reaction has her deeply puzzled. Soon she discovers, how true love and true physics converge and her life is changed forever.

My Fair Series by immortalbeloved13
109. My Fair Penny - Sheldon's problems begin when he offers to pay for Penny's voice lessons

110. My Fair Sheldon - Sequel to My Fair Penny. Penny gives Sheldon dancing lessons.

111. The Stomach Tied In Knots Equation by AlexxLove21 silver
Penny thought she would miss Leonard the most but she came to realize it was Sheldon who was the one she missed. Things get complicated. Sheldon realizes that he may have missed Penny a lot too.

112. Now About That by Inozender (account deleted)
I don't know how to summarize this. But I can tell you it's a Shenny fic.

113. We'll See Each Other Soon by sheeeran
Penny and Leonard are over for good. Sheldon's right there to comfort her and he realizes his feelings for the blonde. She informs him that she plans on leaving Los Angeles and he just can't seem to grasp it. She tells him to count to three and that they'll see each other again soon.

114. Coincidence by howlingmysteries
Well it is 'anything can happen Thursday'...on the best day of their lives, how will they celebrate?

115. The Vicisviator Agreement by iColor With Crayons silver
Sheldon Cooper has found a way to change his life, as well as those surrounding him. Will he take a chance he has thought about for years? Will a slightly altercation render life as he knows it meaningless? **Shenny**

116. Sickness and In Health by thisisonlineright
He asks why, and she wonders why he cares.

117. The Uncertainty Difficulty by Risknight
Sheldon cut everyone out of his life after everything he had worked for, dreamed of or stood for was destroyed by his friends two years ago. When he learns that Penny has been hospitalized, he drops everything to return to Pasadena and help her. There's just one problem. Penny hates him.

118. The Memory Clause by XX4aXX
Penny and Leonard left LA for New York 5 years ago, but she misses her life in LA. (M)

119. Renaissance Man: Sheldon Cooper V20 by NicelyDoneOver
Sheldon has amnesia. Little by little he begins to learn just who he is thanks to his  journals. How will he adapt to this challenging paradigm given his hatred of changes? Without the experiences that made him "Sheldon" how will he react to those who've betrayed him, mocked him and loved him? Not a 'Nice Sheldon' Fic. Definitely OOC

120. Contemplations and Permutations by GalexyQuest
Sheldon admits something to Penny and leaves. Penny comes clean with Leonard, then the whole gang makes observations. What will happen when they study their lives with new vision?
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
121. Penny by BreathlessFaith silver
After Bernadette's wedding Penny's life changes. This is a Penny and Sheldon story eventually. It will take awhile to get there.

Soft Kitty Series by Bunny1
122. The Soft Kitty Correlation - Sheldon makes Amy Farrah Fowler leave when he reveals that he would prefer Penny taking care of him when he is sick…

123. The Warm Kitty Collaboration - Sequel to 'The Happy Kitty Oneirology'. Penny wins tickets to a 'Star Wars' Convention on the radio and takes the boys

124. The Happy Kitty Oneirology - Sequel to 'The Sleepy Kitty Component'. Penny volunteers to help Raj and Sheldon in a dream study.

125. The Sleepy Kitty Component - Sequel to 'The Soft Kitty Correlation'. Penny becomes injured due to Leonard's negligence, and Sheldon steps in... Well all know drugs make her overly candid…

126. Purr, Purr, Purr - Sequel to 'The Warm Kitty Collaboration'. Sheldon explains to Penny that he's been feeling 'distracted' lately

127. Kitty - Sequel to Purr, Purr, Purr. While waiting for the birth of their first child, Sheldon and Penny accompany the gang to the comic book shop, and run into Will Wheaton

128. The Progeny Divergence by Daedaleopsis
When Sheldon decides he and Amy might have children someday, he asks Penny, as his friend, to help him overcome his intimacy issues. But things get complicated

129. Dissolve by tx-fictionqueen silver
Sheldon slowly digresses into old, destructive habits when his brother, George Jr., comes to visit for the summer. Penny promised Leonard she would look after his roommate when he embarked on his North Sea expedition. But not even she is prepared for the reveal of the darker side of Sheldon Cooper and how it will effect their relationship. (M)

130. Our Demons That Mold Us by wolfofsheep
Penny has become a far different creature than she used to be. She left behind everything she used to be to embrace a new discipline. But, the lives we live are in the form of a circle, and her old life comes colliding into her. What she does from this point... will define her. Penny oriented story with a plethora of OC's and Shenny somewhere within it.

131. Beyond The Friendship Paradigm by (available to read with HQ Membership)
After a bad break up, Penny turns to a friend for comfort. Is there something beyond their friendship paradigm? (M)

132. The Snowflake Seduction by JorjaLupin silver
What if Leonard isn't the one to give Penny the preserved snowflake? What if it's someone else she never expected it from? (M)

133. The Summer Metamorphosis by GalexyQuest
Sheldon and Penny share a summer together. How will their friendship change from one stage to the next? A story of change and enlightenment. Hope you enjoy!

134. Motion by Lizwontcry
Leonard asks Penny to take care of Sheldon for the summer while he's gone, and after spending so much time together, Sheldon and Penny's friendship is tested, questioned, and strengthened. But something surprising is happening and they can't ignore it forever.

135. The Hofstadter Efficiency by EmelineCarter92
Leonard goes away on a University trip and Sheldon and Penny spend another summer together.

136. The Soulmate Hypothesis by dnelle
Shakespeare wrote, "The course of true love never did run smooth." Sheldon and Penny are going to find out.

137. The Bongo Experimentation by Ultrawoman silver
When Sheldon lets anarchy into his life (when he can't get his haircut as he wants) what if Penny becomes a larger part of the crazy he allows to take over? In the end, that can only be a good thing... right?

138. The Arrangement by Risknight silver
"I would be greatly appreciative if you would consent to becoming my spouse." Sheldon makes Penny an offer she can't refuse.

139. A Beautiful Mind by Potterhead2495
What happens when Sheldon Cooper starts losing everything, his heart, his reputation... This is my first attempt at fanfiction, so please cut me some slack. The story is from the point of view of Sheldon and Penny. A bit of Angst and eventual Shenny.

140. Changing the Course by Lightningbolt81
Missy feeling like her life is going nowhere despite the guy she dreamed of. So why is she unhappy? Seeing her future that's she's not sure she wants, decides to see Sheldon. Who she then runs into Penny who feels her pain as she feels the same way and connects with and helps her brother win Penny's love. S/P, Missy/OC or Raj?
Superior Colliculus Series by Trbl silver
141. The Superior Colliculus Engagement - Sheldon's stuck, and goes to the one person he deems most capable of turning off their higher brain functions.

142. The Great ComicCon Caper - Sequel to "The Superior Colliculus Engagement". Penny, Sheldon, and the gang go to Comic-Con. But, of course, things are never that simple. Intrigue, danger, romance, and of course, humor.

143. The Bon Voyage Parenthesis by Tuesday Pajamas Soft Kitty silver
Sheldon uncovers something about Penny that surprises him. So while Leonard is away researching gravitation radiation, Sheldon and Penny work on their own theory of relativity. Are they just resuming their friendship? Or could it mean more? Takes place after 'The Bon Voyage Reaction'.

Coital Hoax Series by Risknight
144. The Coital Hoax Warfare - Sheldon starts a new prank war. Will he win it all or will he lose everything?

145. The Relationship Endeavor - A continuation of The Coital Hoax Warfare. Penny and Sheldon have discovered they care about each other. Can they make a future together or are they just too different to make it work? (M)

Happy Now Series by RickIlsa
146. Am I Happy Now? Part One: Best Laid Plans
Picks up where the Season 8 finale left off. Leonard and Penny are ready to begin the next chapter of their lives but must first help Sheldon begin his. Eventual Shenny. Warnings include: Infidelity (as in CHEATING), Depression, Alcoholism/Abuse, Nudity, Brief eating disorder. Will get darker until the final part. Happy-ISH ending planned.

147. Am I Happy Now? Part Two: How Long 'Till I Hit Bottom - 2nd Story in a 3 Part Series. You need to read Part One: Best Laid Plans first. Shenny is endgame for this series though there is some Lenny that is quickly fading: Penny suffers more and more loss, Leonard finds more reasons to stay away, and Sheldon tries to help but doesn't know how. Angsty. Warnings: Depression, Alcoholism, Minor Characters Deaths

Checkerboard Series by MixItUp
148. Checkerboard - The kiss that started it all.

149. Can't Win 'Em All - A kiss leads to a whole lot of weirdness. Leonard witnesses some of the side effects. (Leonard POV)

150. The Antioxidant Repletion by Shentropy Vortex
Penny may have eaten her way to first place in the competition against Leonard and Sheldon, but was all that Pie just an appetizer for the Big Mixed Emotion Sundae being served by Dr. Cooper?

151. Through Quartz, Sand, and Cellulose by fujiidom
Sheldon gets some unexpected help from Penny dealing with the leftover grief of his father's death.

152. Five Times Sheldon Lost And One Time He Really, Really Didn't by fujiidom
Sheldon's always been a sore loser. Some things don't change. Other things, maybe.

153. Seven Classic Sheldon Cooper Pranks by fujiidom
Pretty self-explanatory, really.

154. A Few Reasons Why It Shouldn't Work by fujiidom
A backwards look into why people enjoy this pairing, against all odds.

Inevitable Betrayal Series by damalur
155. Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal - Let it never be said that Sheldon Lee Cooper ignored the pleas of a damsel-in-distress.

156. Rose Tint My World - Time heals all wounds. Penny would appreciate it if time worked a little faster.

157. The Galahad Principle by Chezzles.ze.Great silver
DARK!FIC. Plenty of angst. A foray out of the sit-com world. Penny is attacked and reaches out for Sheldon's help. Complete

158. The Pajama Polarization by CelesteGrey
A harmless little dream sends Penny into a frenzy and denial. Sheldon has similar issues. Neither is sure what to do.

159. There's Just Something about Penny by BazingaGurl
Sheldon has a problem. (Sheldon/Penny) (M)

160. The Crossroads Conundrum by sheburns1
Sheldon, Penny, and Leonard all thought they knew exactly what they wanted, but with a big change on the way, all three begin to question themselves, and each of them is lead in a direction they had not anticipated.
161. The Convergence Conclusion by Muir_Wolf
You know how people and their pets begin to look alike? Yeah. This is Sheldon and Penny rubbing off (not in a dirty way!) on each other and beginning to *sound* alike. The Horror.

162. The Hokum Hierarchy Determinator by slybrunette
Penny wakes up a week shy of her twenty-ninth birthday.

163. The World in Solemn Stillness by allthingsholy
He knows what the nervousness in the pit of his stomach means, and the reason his heart rate flies out of control. He understands the chemicals of the brain and can tell you the science behind falling in love.

164. Put a Ring on It by weasleytook
Buying a ring may be the dumbest thing Sheldon Cooper has ever done.

165. Suddenly There You Were by hesperia (story removed)
Penny discovers something that's been right in front of her the whole time.

166. Deep in the Heart of the Mushroom Kingdom by missparker
In bed, Sheldon dreams of scaling a castle wall but when he finally gets inside, Raj is there and says, "Sorry dude, but Penny is in another castle."

167. That's Amore by fujiidom
Sheldon and Penny backpack through Europe, contemplate life, dissect Friends meta, and fall in love.

168. & Light Is Only Now Just Breaking by allthingsholy
Penny moves back home to take care of her mother. Sheldon, for reasons of his own, follows her.

169. You are a runner and i am my father's son by slybrunette
Penny takes the scenic route (or how the unlucky track record of the cooper men almost claims another one).

170. Divisible by jazzfic
He doesn't mean to shun the world. But sometimes he feels that he was born at the wrong time and place. That he is devouring calculations for theories that won't be solved for decades, or centuries even. When he walks outside it is only to cool his head. Perhaps that is the only real fire he keeps.

The Road Ahead Series by Lauren (notalwaysweak)
171. The Road Ahead Is Clear Again Penny’s had enough of being a failure. If she can’t succeed at what she wants to, then damn it, she’s going to succeed at what she knows she’s good at.

172. Every Story Gone Untold Three weeks after the end of the road ahead is clear again for the timestamp fic meme.

173. Renaissance (Faire) Woman Penny, Sheldon, and the rest of the social group hit each other with sticks, drink ale, shoot targets, and dance the night away. AKA they attend a renaissance faire.

174. How Do I Get Your Attention by stock2007
Penny makes a untimely discovery

175. Life I'm Running Away by weasleytook
Work has dried up, eviction hangs over her head. But then Penny wins the lottery, and suddenly there's a way out, if she wants to take it. (Stolen directly from Jen's wonderful prompt.)

176. The Relationship Paradigm by booksblanketsandtea
"The progression of the relationship between one Doctor Sheldon Cooper and his neighbour, Penny.
(as seen by various)."

177. Edit by damalur
Sheldon encounters, thwarts, and embraces change...with a little help from the girl next door.

178. Oedipus Complex by GreenNebulae
Beverly thought she saw the Oedipus complex in the boy she wished was her son, but perhaps it's in her own. Sheldon, meanwhile, has just proved string theory and Penny wants to learn about it.

179. The Progressions of a Life by Opy3332
Sheldon makes a new friend, and in turn, Penny does as well. She slowly puts her life together and fills in the holes--work, friends, finances, and love. She's surprised by who and what can turn just living into a life.

180. Someone For You by Opy3332
Sheldon has always known he was different. It just took most of his life up to now to find someone who is willing to accept him for who and what he is. It takes them a while but Sheldon and Penny come to terms with themselves.
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
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