Leonard Nimoy
Leonard Nimoy has sadly died at 83.

This man was one of my first TV crushes. My parents were obsessed with Star Trek and Spock was the one who I gravitated towards. Captain Kirk got the girls but it was all about Spock, for many of us. Tall, lanky and otherworldly, with one of the most interesting faces I'd ever seen. No wonder I'm a Shenny Shipper Blossom


[Image: leonard-nimoy-arena-4.jpg]

And look he liked cats Heart

[Image: leonard_nimoy_and_kitten.jpg]

I have a feeling the records might not be that great though Tongue

[Image: m-space3.jpg]
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I got obsessed with Star Trek all by myself. It was always a contest between Spock and Solo, but Smartest Guy in the Room beat out the Space Pirate. I could never get used to seeing him without the ears in 'Mission: Impossible'.

Rest in Peace, Mr Nimoy
Spock and Kirk used to be a bit like Sheldon and Leonard.

[Image: kirk-and-spock-o.gif]

Now Sheldon's far too immature to be Spock.
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The old Sheldor Eyebrow...

[Image: spock_orly.gif]

"Snap out of it" Don't you wish Leonard would do this?

[Image: 2249063_o.gif]
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I've loved Spock ever since the first moment I saw him in 1966. He's been a part of my life ever since. Thankfully Leonard Nimoy lived long and prospered. Hail and Farewell.
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About his work....

Leonard who, now! It does seem that actors and their characters have a lot of similar traits; both he and his character had dignity, and a set of values that set them apart from those ruled by primal urges. Values that original Sheldon believed in, and no doubt appealed to us. RIP.[Image: bigbang12sheldonnimoy.jpg]
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[Image: 2dblzm9.jpg]
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It does seem that in the absence of credible fathers, many people adopted Spock. Sheldon did, and also Zachary Quinto in real world. This could have been written about early Sheldon> ' And yet he also cultivated a kind of distance that preserved him.' from tribute to Leonard/Spock http://www.theguardian.com/film/2015/mar...ther-to-me [Image: 2010.05.31.spock.gif]

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