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Plot bunny: Antiques Roadshow.

I want the guys to bring a bunch of bizarre items to Antiques Roadshow. Sheldon can disagree with the experts. I want them to bring the Time Machine; that would be a challenge, just getting it there. Or if you want to make it fantasy/surrealist, they can arrive in the Time Machine Smile

Better yet, an AU where the BBT guys *are* the professional experts who examine and evaluate all kinds of bizarre items.
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It annoys me how all of my fanfic ideas would've been perfectly possible and canon-compliant during Seasons 1&2, but now they're "AU" and I'd have to give some explanation like "this is a 'verse where X, Y, and Z never happened", etc.

They're retconning so fast, and dropping these random-ass pieces of unnecessary backstory, I feel like my headcanons and personal theories and plot bunnies are continually getting jossed.
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Dropping these here in hopes they will inspire someone... That's a griffin by the way. Its lion half wouldn't fit.  Tongue  

[Image: 2gtuhkw.jpg]

[Image: 73gwae.jpg]
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[Image: dtLBSR5.jpg]

Kaley's expression and the vintage filter gives this a vaguely sinister feel. There could be a story here.
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Shenny at the Movies (okay it was a comic book first but still...)

I don't have the time to write it but I thought it'd be cool to see a rendition of Neil Gaiman's Stardust. i.e. Sheldon sees a falling star and decides to go get it for his love, Amy. Only when he finds the star he finds it's a she--a blonde firecracker of a she. Their journey back to Sheldon's home has them learn about each other--and about themselves--leading to a discovery of feelings which can't be denied. Oh, and there are witches in it.
Let's go exploring!
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The latest drugging incident produced this bunny...

Sheldon’s childish behaviour reaches epidemic proportions and his doctor, on a hunch, checks his blood. He discovers that Sheldon has a cocaine addiction. Having never touched the substance himself, suspicion falls on his girlfriend Amy, who has been secretly dosing Sheldon for 3 yrs. Leonard quickly realises that this explains the complete personality change they have been witness too and he and Penny put Sheldon into rehab. Very soon the old Sheldon returns...
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I've seen Kaley's shot of Leonard lying "dead" on the floor and for some reason I thought. Hey, what if Penny killed Leonard with an axe on Christmas? She slips the grip and that thing jams right between his eyes...
I know, too much Space influence...
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#28  Angel  Whatever can you mean?
Molecular Gastronomy AU. They still get to play with lasers, only now it isn't just the quarks with flavours.

Sheldon lost his chance at a Michelin star after his complicated menu 'inexplicably' failed, now he's a reclusive line-order cook in the restaurant Leonard bought from under him.

(Blame Copperbadge's Avengers AU fic and 'Ratatouille' for this one)
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"Taming of the shrew" themed fic. Sheldon is a free-spirited scientist with an attitude and his younger sister Penny is the most beautiful and popular girl around. She gets all the guys, but their father does not allow her to get married, until Sheldon is married first. So their neighbor Leonard meets up with fowler Amy to stepford Sheldon into submission, after which Penny can finally become his trophy wife.

On the other hand, that's so close to canon, might as well just watch the show, lol.

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