Like an old married couple
[Image: the-big-bang-theory-sheldon-penny.jpg]

[Image: The-Big-Bang-Theory-finale-elevator-fixe...crop&w=738]

and a colour one..

[Image: big_bang_theory_sheldon_and_penny-h_2019.jpg]
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(05-20-2019, 07:46 PM)Tuesday Pajamas Wrote: [Image: big_bang_theory_sheldon_and_penny-h_2019.jpg]

I'm the only one who have this vision?

[Image: 5ad305df7417d037ae6aee4b1f0cd355.jpg]

Okay, its another show but also an elevator-scene Big Grin
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(05-20-2019, 07:46 PM)Tuesday Pajamas Wrote: [Image: big_bang_theory_sheldon_and_penny-h_2019.jpg]

"I don't know where you're going
and I don't know why.
But listen to your heart,
before you tell him goodbye."
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Hello dear "Shenny"-shippers and friends.

Again twelve months are over and again I wish you all

[Image: frohe-weihnachten-0076.gif]
[Image: frohe-weihnachten-0075.gif]
 and a happy feast.

Greetings from Germany!!!
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Dear "Shenny"-shippers and friends,

[Image: Happy-New-Year-Animated-Gif-1.gif]
[Image: silvester-0091_2020.gif]

And never forget, the "Shenny" never will die.

[Image: tumblr_mr8wy8AzmN1r0z9xao1_500.gif]

Greetings from Germany!!!
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Hello fellow "Shenny"-shippers!

Well, it's a hard time with a lot of hardships and impairments.
The world is shaking from this global crisis.
But despite this terrible dilemma, I wish you, as every year
[Image: frohe-ostern-0256.gif]
[Image: Easter-Sunday-GIF.gif]

I hope you are well, and i wish all those who should suffer directly from the crisis a speedy recovery.

Greetings from Germany and

[Image: u8i1pjlhw5h.gif]

stay healthy!!!
thanks, but now i got a mental picture of penny dressing up like a bunny for easter and sheldon explaining how that is wrong. then penny gets puts bunny ears on him and walks away.
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Hello dear "Shenny"-shippers!

Well, that wasn't a good year for this world. Infections, illness, corona-pandemic. Everywhere on the globe. I myself have been spared so far and didn't have to go to the home office yet.

I hope you all are also well. If someone of you got infected, I hope that it was only a mild course, and that it is good again.

Of course my sick brain became a vision regarding the pandemic and our ship. It would be a good base for a “Shenny”-story that Penny and Sheldon must share a quarantine. At the beginning it would be nerve-wracking and caotic, but how longer it would be, they would more and more take care until they realize how much they like/love each other.

[Image: TBBT-The-Large-Hadron-Collision-3-15-the...53-480.jpg]
[Image: 19258277-4edb-45ad-a4cf-38e3da45c690.jpg]

[Image: hqdefault.jpg]

Well, dear “Shenny”-shippers,
despite the current situation in the world, I wish you all

[Image: weihnachtskarte-frohe-weihnachten-0089.gif]
[Image: Merry-Christmas-2016-GIFs-For-Hike-2.gif]

and send you my best wishes.

Greetings from Germany!!!
Hi again, “Shenny”-shippers and friends!

The end of this terrible year is coming. At last!!!

I sent you all my wish of a

[Image: champagner-glitzer-frohes-neues-jahr-0020_2021.gif]
[Image: 1f09688de2ff43835b3b287220405452.gif]

and my hope that everything will be okay again this new year.

I will stay loyal to the "Shenny" and will visit this site regularly.

Keep your heads high and stay healthy.

Your friend from Germany.

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