Like an old married couple
Let's all remember before this lame show winds up with its bullshit canon just what they had and how smoking HOT!!! shenny were.

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Somehow, this reads much better:
"Even as friends, this pair of misfits was fascinating together. However, it was only once their romance began that they truly began to shine as two outcasts who had found their perfect match.
Moments like their first hug, their Soft Kitty, their pranks, and Sheldon telling Penny he loved her prior to her breakup with Leonard in season 3, will always stick with fans of the show."

If someone wants to see the Puke original:
It is really a shame, that the makers of the show apparently forgetting whom they owe their success originally.The topic of a group of nerds as main characters and their friendship was a good new idea, but the factor which made the show famous was THIS TWO CHARACTERS and their relationship of Yin-Yang, their tension, and their (not fraternal !) affection. To take the current course, a high degree of inflexibility, thanklessness and dramaturgical disability was needed.

But, who knows? Because they want give Raj this times a girlfrind/wife it seems that they want to work up some topics quickly. And so maybe we'll see at this season, as Sheldon says:

"Ähmm Amy, by the way, I leave you because I am in love for years with Penny. Thank you for the time. Goodbye."

Then an a corresponding scene at "Lenny" and the show would have a good ending. Big Grin

And of course, dear "Shenny"-shippers and friends, like every year I wish you

[Image: a7c3c9a39514e92b58e10853de8ec7f3.gif]
[Image: Christmas-GIFs-2018-for-WhatsApp.gif]

Greetings from Germany!
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Part I


I’ll call you again about a special buiseness.

Once, dear “Shenny”-shippers and friends, you told me, that you like my posts because of my optimism and my kind to remind you why we all together came to the “Shenny” and what it means for us, and what it could means for the show in general. Well at this point I want to continue this tradition, especially now because there is again a kind of endtime-mood to feel, and I see it as my duty to act against it.

We came to the “Shenny” because it is

[Image: Penny-Kiss-Sheldon-67638.gif]

[Image: tumblr_mv6k0sHpR71qlix6mo2_r1_250.gif]

[Image: the-big-bang-theory-penny-sheldon-friendship.jpg]

[Image: Shenny-moments-3x10-penny-and-sheldon-93...24-239.gif]

[Image: penny-sheldon1.jpg]

[Image: PreciousFlamboyantBlowfish-size_restricted.gif]

[Image: 19e9f93607d14a1bb4108fa63cfd9121.jpg]

And simply
[Image: Shenny-penny-and-sheldon-19222913-437-417.jpg]

And that WE recognized IT, for which we can be proud. There is no reason to despair, because WE are the ones who had saw the real pontential, the real possibilities and this real treasue for the characters and the show.
And never forget, it could still happen.

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Part II

I wish you all

[Image: ny-5.gif]
[Image: silvester-0091_2019.gif]

Greetings from Germany!

P.S.: Look, even at the coverwork of the “TBBT”-version of the famous boardgame “Cluedo” Sheldon and Penny are the center. Howard and Bernie era looking like two silly pupils who are planning a prank, Raj looks like he would not really belong to it, Leonard looks like he would see….King Kong or something, and Amy,…no comment. Only the views of Sheldon and Penny are painted that they are looks like there is a real bound. 

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