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Not a show win and I think I'm the only member watching Orphan Black but she's did it. After much disgust at her never getting in Tatiana Maslany won the Emmy last night.

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

WOW!!! So well deserved.
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Completely agree. She should have won before now, but was glad to see her finally get the recognition. To play all those characters, she does an amazing job.
Oh wow, oh wow, what an adventure.
No big actor or show Emmy nominations for this season, outside of a couple of tech awards.

Let's look at Jim's 6 consecutive nominations and 4 wins Emmy wins.

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series

2009 submission: 2.11 The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis
2010 submission: 3.18 The Pants Alternative WON
2011 submissions: 4.02 The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification and 4.03 The Zazzy Substitution.
2012 submission: 4.21 The Agreement Dissection WON
2013 submission: 6.07 The Habitation Configuration WON
2014 submission: 7.20 The Relationship Diremption WON

The Pants Alternative
Sheldon has to overcome his fear of public speaking when he wins an award, and his friends offer some anxiety-relieving tips — including alcohol. Great Shenny scenes at the store buying him a suit!

The Agreement Dissection
Sheldon joins Penny and the girls on a night out at a club. Afterward, Amy invites Sheldon in to visit and gives him a kiss. The dancing is a little cringeworthy as I always thought Sheldon a good dancer after this.

[Image: tenor.gif]

The Habitation Configuration
Sheldon doesn’t recognize that he hurt Amy’s feelings after he failed to defend her in an argument with Wil Wheaton.”Once again, Parsons masterfully delivers convoluted scientific jargon while acting drunk.” After Penny and Sheldon share a great bar scene, with tons of electricity.

The Relationship Diremption
Sheldon’s research of String Theory has come to a stalemate after 20 years, and Penny suggests that he put an end to the research just as she would a relationship. Sheldon discovers that he drunk-dialed Stephen Hawking.

I've always wondered why they continued to submit and win with drunken Sheldon. All his wins aside from Habitation are boozey-Sheldon ones. And Amy was the one with got drunk in Habitation. I sense a theme with these Emmy folk. Big Grin Wine Personally I don't think he ever topped his drunken stage performance in The Pants Alternative. The others pale in comparison.

I really wish Bath Gift had won but it was too much to ask so early on, I guess.
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