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The Big Bang Theory now running on fumes of nostalgia

Big Bang is all about the past accrding to this article. While this guy didn't like the shenny bathroom scene in 200th he makes some great points that many of you will agree with. Let's face it the bathroom scene wasn't shenny at its best or the show at its best.

"The show isn’t funny any more. The same tired jokes go around in circles. It’s dated and stale. When people watch now, they are remembering when it was funny, and have a sentimental longing, a sweet wistful affection for the past. That’s a powerful emotion. It’s why the ratings are still great for Big Bang Theory."
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I suspect that if one were to post the article over in the bog the counter-argument would be that it's only supposed to occasionally be funny. It's about romance and relationships.
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How sex ruined The Big Bang Theory

By Trilby Beresford

I have a feeling that there are Shamy shippers out there who would agree with this article.

"Then in the fourth season, Sheldon began a relationship with neurobiologist Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik). Although this development was contrary to Sheldon's presumed asexuality, audiences bought this story arc because it didn't actually involve any romance."

"Now that Sheldon has lost his virginity, The Big Bang Theory will not go down in history for introducing a fantastic asexual character whose passion for science was the core of his very existence, and whose personal life was on the backburner where it belonged. The show will be remembered for re-writing said character as a guy's guy whose future will probably include marriage, and all that boring "adult" stuff that screams normality."
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Here we have come twonk saying how much Sheldon has grown. UGH! Do they even watch the show???

But there are some great counter comments:

From Mike.

"This is certainly not the first writing I've seen espouse this viewpoint, but man is it one I still vehemently disagree with. Sheldon hasn’t evolved, he’s devolved. In the early stages of the show he was locked into his self-made brand of social isolation and indifference towards personal interactions, but he clearly grasped how they worked. He was (despite the running joke to the contrary) sarcastic, he was caustic, he often contributed to the reading of a social/romantic situation if he deemed it intriguing. The issue was a mix of the fact that he was both disinterested in societal niceties and saw himself as above the fray. Now I’m not passing judgment on how good/bad his behavior was, but that’s how it was.

Around season 5, the writing definitely changed. Sheldon reverted. He became almost infantile in his whims, his social quirks and his behavioral ticks. Behavior that he previously scoffed at became behavior he didn’t even grasp. I don’t know how else to describe it. Yes we saw him venture into a relationship and all that comes with it, but they practically gave him a lobotomy in order to do so. It’s a faux character arc. And to me at least, that devolution of the show’s fulcrum is what caused a seasons-long drop in quality."

From Captain:

"While Sheldon is still pretty funny, he's just not sophisticated anymore."

That is it!! Sheldon isn't not the sophisticated character which brought all of your lovely people to this website and to TBBT. They have totally duped us. All for Shamy and because Lenny needed a fall guy to make their connection seem even remotely possible.
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One of our number found this hard hitting review of the show, calling out its sexism. I have to say I was one of those who thought it was all just a joke until the later seasons when they make Sheldon sexist.

All the clips they use of Sheldon are after S5. This is one of the changes in his character which I never thought worked and was insulting to his character. I hate all the things he says, they aren't funny. The egg salad thing and the constant references to menstration are beneath Sheldon, in my view. They just seem to be meaner than they once were.

One of the reasons I easily became a Shenny was that Leonard seemed just as creepy and sexist as the other guys. Sheldon was the only decent one. But once Molaro got hold of the show Sheldon was the worse. I think he purposely ruined Sheldon because he seemed too honourable. Made Leonard look bad.

Although the writer of this piece assumes no one can take a joke, as the earlier seasons never offended me. It was only after Leonard was rewarded with Penny after being a git, and Sheldon started being much more offensive that I see his point here. Although some of the ways the writers treated Raj always grated me as well.

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Sheldon and Leonard are best friends... maybe once...

Sheldon and Penny come in second BTW.
(12-04-2017, 08:27 PM)Tuesday Pajamas Wrote: Sheldon and Leonard are best friends... maybe once...

Sheldon and Penny come in second BTW.

The scenes they picked are bizarre. I would’ve picked other scenes and IMO Bernadette and Amy are frenemies, not friends.
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
(12-05-2017, 11:30 AM)Nutz Wrote: The scenes they picked are bizarre. I would’ve picked other scenes and IMO Bernadette and Amy are frenemies, not friends.

Yeah they don't really know their Big Bang.

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