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Karl proposes...

Kaley's dad was a firefighter paramedic? Heart


I always think they photoshop the images too much when she really doesn't need it.

[Image: 5T2s8Xd.jpg]
[Image: IY1VXUt.jpg]
Back in Nebraska...  Heart It fits perfectly with her character  

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At one of our networks there was the information that Miss Cuoco, after the end of "The Big Bang Theory", has signed a multi-year-deal.
Together with "Warner Bros." and her own productions-company "Yes Norman Productions" she plans the mini-series "The Flight-Attendant". The template of this thriller-plot is about a stewardess who wakes up at a hotel next to a dead one  and can not remember anything.In addition, other projects are planned.

Well, my opinnion: The topic isn'really new but I think it will be a good thing to see our ex-Penny in another genre. Recently she had said that she woud have no problems playing the "girl next door" forever. But if she can establish herself firmly in other areas, it will only be good for her career.

Well, she already has experience. Before she became the waitress of the cheesecake-factory, she met at "The Hollow" a well-known literary landsman of mine. The headless horseman.

[Image: hollow-die-rckkehr-des-kopflosen-reiters...0x260u.jpg]

Hmm, I hope that in her furture-projects she does not get another disfiguring make up. like this.
Has anyone seen Kaley's animated series Harley Quinn?

Kaley reveals that Harley could be in a relationship with Poison Ivy.

It looks like Kaley is having a great time since leaving The Big Bang Theory.
I watched that interview in full. Never knew erotic vegetables existed (see the one about Kaleys husband being the pumpkin grower)
Has anyone else seen The Flight Attendant? Kaley is soooooo good and I really enjoyed seeing her back on screen. She’s very captivating. If there was ever any doubt who is the real talent amongst the females on Big Bang - it’s settled. Loving this show!
Kaley Cuoco... IS PREGNANT!


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