10 Years Later: 1.12 The Jerusalem Duality
(04-22-2018, 04:33 PM)Tuesday Pajamas Wrote: I love that quote. Its so anti-establishment in an amusing way and my favourite moment of the episode. Have to say, this is not one of my fave episodes though, as I don't like seeing Sheldon lose his marbles over some little upstart. Big Grin

I love that quote as well because it is just so Sheldon, but I don't like this episode because if you think about what they did for even a minute, you realize that they destroyed Dennis' future.  What if his family needed him to do this?  What if he could have solved the mysteries of the universe?  The guys basically decide that they don't want to try and help Sheldon another way, they just decide that they'll ruin Dennis instead.  And then at the end, they all think Dennis is the winner...not cool.  Also, don't like Sheldon's behavior, either.  

I wonder if this is what they thought of when they decided to set Sheldon up on the online dating website?

Of all the episodes in season 1, this is my least favorite.
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