Sheldon/Penny: Friends to Lovers Stories
181. Pragma by Lines_of_Pain_and_Glory
“You know what he said? He said we weren’t ‘the right people.’ What’s that supposed to mean?”

182. Never Say Never by kellybellefiction
Penny and Leonard are married with a four year old daughter, however, their marriage is slowly deteriorating. Sheldon and Amy are in a loveless marriage, simply together for the use of combining their mental prowess. When their spouses are away, Sheldon and Penny share a bond over her daughter, and Penny realizes there is more to Sheldon than she originally thought.

183. The Texas Redesign by Opy3332
What if Penny had gone with the guys to Texas to fetch Sheldon in S3:E1? What if Sheldon hadn’t been so easy to convince?

184. The Lone Star Variation by Ultra
Sometimes it's just all about location; what never quite happened with Sheldon and Penny in Pasadena might just become very real deep in the heart of Texas.

185. The Agricultural Extrapolation by Daedaleopsis
Penny moves back home temporarily when her father is hospitalized. Chaos ensues when not one but both of her nerdy next-door neighbors try to help. But only one of them can save her parent's farm... and perhaps win her heart.

186. The Artificial Selection Occurrence by Axelrocks silver
AU 3x01. Sheldon is always working and when he is with Penny and the guys he isn't there. Penny has decided that enough is enough and she's going to get to the bottom of this. No matter what. It may have to become Junior Rodeo time.

187. The Progeniture Conundrum by Daedaleopsis
Penny and the guys can't believe it when Sheldon receives a court order to take a paternity test. Is this the reason he's always been so close-mouthed about his past? The truth is stranger than any of them could have imagined.

188. The Accumulation Conflagration by Daedaleopsis
Penny thinks there couldn't be anything weirder than Sheldon asking to go along on her ski trip. Little does she know this is the weekend that will change everything between them. AU from mid-season 2

189. The Cooper Complexity by Daedaleopsis
After Penny and Leonard get engaged, Sheldon struggles to cope when everything that was familiar to him changes. (Lenny to Shenny story)

190. Sleeping Patterns by Cassiopeia's
During the time when Leonard's at the North Sea, Sheldon and Penny kind of develop a sleeping pattern that just might have an interesting outcome. Takes place right after Sheldon and Penny's phone call with Leonard in 07x01: The Hofstadter Insufficiency and goes from there.

191. The Unconventional Family Idiosyncrasy by girlggc
This is an unintentional on their part romance between Sheldon and Penny.

192. The Gravitational Dynamism Revelation by Amputation
It started with a song played far above Sheldon's acceptable decibel levels. Sheldon/Penny Slightly AU from the season 4 episode The Roommate Transmogrification.

193. The Conjugal Double-Blind by Daedaleopsis
When Penny wakes up in Vegas with Sheldon passed out in bed next to her, she thinks the only way they can stay friends is if he never finds out what she's done. What she doesn't realize is that he also has a secret of his own. AU from season 4.6

194. Gravity by FemmeBono
Gravity: n. the natural force that tends to cause physical things to move towards each other

195. I Swallow Glass by damalur
This is the story of the last classic practical joke of Sheldon Cooper, and how Penny has her revenge. (Penny/Career)

196. The Cooper Complexity by Daedaleopsis
After Penny and Leonard get engaged, Sheldon struggles to cope when everything that was familiar to him changes.

197. Start of Something New by Kimlavina
How Sheldon and Penny (of my Mya stories) became Shenny. Back stories for all main show characters also! The rest of the Mya Adventures can be found in the Established Thread.

198. The Surrogate Hypothesis by Daedaleopsis
Desperate circumstances convince Penny to be a surrogate for Sheldon and Amy's baby. But when Amy dumps Sheldon, he still insists that Penny hold up her end of the bargain. *Shenny* AU from Season 4, Episode 20, The Herb Garden Germination

199. The Relationship Paradigm Shift by ANGSWIN
Over time, Sheldon and Penny experience some major changes in their relationship that surprise them both – and almost everyone else, as well!

200. Specialisation is for Insects by Delgardo
A story where Sheldon expands his horizons with Penny's help, becoming more confident and Dominant which appeals to Penny's submissive side. (M)
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
201. The Cardinal Recapitulation by Daedaleopsis
The title means, starting over from the beginning. This is an AU from the pilot episode (hardly an original concept, I admit) where Sheldon and Penny already have a history from the day she moves in across the hall. *Shenny* as always.

202. The Relationship Ramification by Ghostly Light (Account deleted)
After Leonard laughs at Penny when she tells him she believes in psychics(again), Sheldon ends up comforting her in the most of ways she never thought he would be able too.

203. What Friends Do by Shenandoah76209
The boys are back from the Arctic. Penny's missed all of them, the nice guy who loves her so much who she really likes, and her favorite whackadoodle of a best friend. But when Sheldon comes to confront Leonard in her apartment, Penny is Not pleased with what Leonard has done. Shenny.

204. The Hospital Realization by TheNerdshipper
Penny is hurt and calls out for the one she can trust.

205. What Could Have Been and What Was by Lizwontcry Soft Kitty
Throughout the years, Penny and Sheldon have been missing each other by a thread. They come and go and fall in and out of love without even realizing it. Maybe someday they'll get it right, or maybe they'll just be best friends forever.

Stories added on 06/19/2019

206. This Is Happiness: I by Wintreaux
It takes some time, but eventually they'll get there. This is Happiness: II can be found in the Established thread

207. Someday Comes by Darkly Dreaming (LtSarai)
Someday' finally comes for Sheldon and Penny. Follow-up to Someday. Read that first. Someday can be found in the Encounters Thread

208. Unconditional by Wintreaux
Penny does Amy and Sheldon a life-altering favour, and unexpected (or expected) issues arise. Shamy to Shenny

209. The Reunion by Wintreaux
Penny get invited her high school reunion and needs Sheldon to do her a huge favour!

210. The Experiment by Wintreaux
Amy gives Sheldon a serum that awakens his carnal side in hopes he focuses all his lust and attention the object of his desire: HER.'s not her (M)

211. The Halo Polarization - Trailer by CTR69
A series of events brings Sheldon and Penny to the brink. Only this time, no apologies are in sight. Drabble

212. The Halo Polarization by Lee kadivar

213. Sheldon Builds an Ark by Suez
Can YOU build an ark Sheldon? the Reverend asks. Can he? And more importantly, who would he take?Draw A Line In the Sand by medusa20
Five years have passed. New careers and new hobbies. An ill-fated dinner starts the story but have Penny and Sheldon changed that much?

214. The Vengeance Paradox by ishie
Some things have to be carried out in complete secrecy, like buying things off the internet that come wrapped in brown paper and plotting the Greatest Revenge of All Time.

215. Paint My Spirit Gold (& carry me home) by disheveledcurls
As usual, what happens only happens because neither of them know when to shut up and/or back down. (And because even uptight obsessive scientists want to love and be loved.)

216. A Slow Withdrawal by Risknight
He doesn't understand how no one but him sees the pain she is in. She's in love with her best friend, who is dating the woman who calls her Bestie. Shenny by end

217. The Comfort Catalyst by Omhypothesis (account deleted)
After a catastrophe, Sheldon Cooper begins to realize what he's taken for granted. The story of an isolated man slowly discovering his humanity... with the help of a friend.

218. The Downtown Distortion by kjewls
When Penny begins to suspect Leonard and Amy of having an affair, she and Sheldon embark on a journey, which takes them to a place that neither of them expected . . .

219. Enigmatic Shenanigans by Risknight
Someone has started a prank war. The problem is, no one in the group knows who. Or do they? Can Sheldon find out who is behind it all before things go too far? (M)

220. Reach for the Gun by muaaimoi
Deviates from " The Habitation Configuration". When Sheldon goes to talk to Penny about girls, there's an attempt at armed robbery.
“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons
221. MeeMaw Knows Best by MrsFlanigan
When Sheldon's beloved MeeMaw decides to visit, she notices her Moonpie's behavior regarding Amy his "girlfriend" and Penny his "best friend" and Sheldon questions if MeeMaw really does know best.

222. The Check Engine Light Inevitability by Trisha Uchiha
Penny's car finally gives out while she's driving Sheldon to a symposium and it allows the two them to grow closer. They are forced to share a room and Penny unknowingly begins to make Sheldon fall for her while Leonard is suspicious.

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“There are no scenes more fun to do, I feel like, than the ones between Sheldon and Penny. They are such a wonderful odd couple.” - Jim Parsons

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