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2017 Top 200 Big Bang Stories - Nutz - 04-19-2018

2017 Top 200 Big Bang Theory Stories

This thread contains the top 202* most favored completed Bang Theory stories at* for 2017.  Interestingly, Sheldon/Penny fics have gained ground and make up a massive 85.5% (173 Fics) of this list, while canon fics (Shamy/Lenny) have remained stagnant with just 5.5% (11 Fics). Sheldon/Leonard stories came in with 5.5% (11 Fics) and Sheldon/OC with 3.5% (7 Fics). 

As you can see, non-canon is the clear winner with 189 fics in the top 200 and Sheldon remains the sun that BBT Fanfiction revolves around with 199 fics featuring his character prominently.

All these stories are complete and anything with descriptive sex in it will be marked (M).
Stories with Soft Kitty after author denotes HQ member.

*Our list this year is a top 202 since there were three stories tied for the 200th spot.
*Completed story figures as of 03/28/2018

RE: 2018 Top 200 - Nutz - 04-19-2018

Gold  The Paladin Protocol by SpaceAnJL Soft Kitty
Every journey has to start somewhere. This one began when Penny found an alternative to paintball, and Sheldon dusted off an old skill. (Sheldon/Penny)

2. The News Article Significance by SRWriting34
Penny knows what she wants in life. At least, she used to. Howard and Bernadette's wedding sets off a series of events which will change her life forever. Plans change and Penny will have to learn the hard way how to adapt. (Sheldon/Penny)

3. Apocalypse Week by Eternal Contradiction
Sheldon Cooper is crazy, but also kind of made of awesomeness. Or at least that's how Howard puts it. Penny thinks there's a possibility he's made of sexy, and really, the world must be ending if she has to suppress wayward urges to kiss him. (Sheldon/Penny)

4. The Bellagio Peregrination by FlippySpoon
Sheldon reluctantly takes Penny along to a conference in Las Vegas. Epiphanies are had, stars are gazed, cards are counted, shenanigans are shenaniganed. (Sheldon/Penny)

5. Karma by CMW2
For every action, there are consequences to be faced. After the Arctic implodes the group, everyone has to pick up the pieces and move on. Penny will make this easier for Sheldon. Not Leonard Friendly (Sheldon/Penny)

6. Sheldon's Girlfriend by Trbl
Sequel to "Sheldon's Plan". (Sheldon/Penny)

7. The Artificial Selection Occurrence by Axelrocks
Sheldon is always working and when he is with Penny and the guys he isn't there. Penny has decided that enough is enough and she's going to get to the bottom of this. No matter what. It may have to become Junior Rodeo time. (Sheldon/Penny)

8. The Symposium Equation by TempestJo
Sheldon gets two tickets to a coveted event, but must bring a female… (Sheldon/Penny)

9. Evolution by MrsVincentCrabbe
Leonard never believed in evolution as a scientific fact. That was, not until he saw it happen before his eyes. (Sheldon/Penny)

10. Upside Down by TempestJo
It all starts when Sheldon has a bad week and Penny resets the balance unexpectedly (Sheldon/Penny) (M)

11. The Pon Farr Hypothesis by Zenkindoflove
Shenny AU. Starting with the pilot. Sheldon thought a homo novus was immune to seduction and physical allure. But when a beautiful, mouthy neighbor elicits new sensations in him, Sheldon must discover a novel side of himself he never anticipated. (Sheldon/Penny)

12. The Friendship Reestablishment by LizzeXX
When Sheldon's childhood best friend gets a position at Caltech, the boys and Penny are in for quite a shock when confronted with the bubbly redhead. Even more of a shock is Sheldon's reaction to her. Will Sheldon realize that he's starting to see her in a different light? Or will Penny be the only one to read between the lines? First in the Cooper-Benson Exploration. (Sheldon/OC)

13. Wednesday Routine by Eternal Contradiction
"Come to bed, Kitten," he demanded in a sleepy voice. (Sheldon/Penny) (M)

14. The Cooper Libido Experiment by gwendy
There are times when the thing you love the most will cause your downfall. In the case of Dr. Sheldon Cooper, that would be Science...  (Sheldon/Penny) (M)

15. The Snowflake Seduction by JorjaLupin
What if Leonard isn't the one to give Penny the preserved snowflake? What if it's someone else she never expected it from? (Sheldon/Penny) (M)

16. Change of Address by TempestJo
When Sheldon moves out, life changes. (Sheldon/Penny)

17. The Girlfriend Agreement by partbritishtowhead
Their first kiss is accidental. Their second is experimental. Their third? Well, I'll let you figure that one out for yourself. Leonard moves back to NJ, and Penny copes with his absence by moving in with Sheldon. Oh, the humanity. (Sheldon/Penny)

18. The Arrangement by Risknight
"I would be greatly appreciative if you would consent to becoming my spouse." Sheldon makes Penny an offer she can't refuse. (Sheldon/Penny)

19. Through The Looking Glass, Darkly by SpaceAnJL Soft Kitty
Sheldon subscribes to the many worlds theory, which posits the existence of an infinite number of Sheldon's, in an infinite number of universes. He just never expected to meet one of them… (Alternate Dimension) (Sheldon/Penny)

RE: 2018 Top 200 - Nutz - 04-19-2018

20. Rewriting History by Risknight
Someone (I cannot remember who) asked me once what I thought Penny would be like as a mom. As any mom can tell you, it completely changes your world around. So, welcome to a 'verse where Penny has a daughter, and Sheldon doesn't have a chance. (Parallel Universe) (Sheldon/Penny)

21. The Family Reunion Probability Theorem by Misophonia
This Story can be found at (Shamy)

22. The Naked Truth Reciprocation by Chezzles.ze.Great
After a few weeks trying to reconcile with the fact Sheldon has seen her completely naked, she confronts him with an ultimatum: bare it all or live with the consequences. Unexpectedly, her demands cause something entirely different to surface. (Sheldon/Penny)

23. The Captain Morgan Culmination by EvenAngelsFall22
It doesn't bother her that she's slept with thirty one men, it bothers her that Sheldon thinks she has. (Sheldon/Penny) (M)

24. By Any Other Name by JLynnB Soft Kitty
In 'The Habitation Configuration' Sheldon told Penny that it took Leonard to make him like her. So what would happen if Leonard didn't move into apartment 4A before the Pilot episode? (Parallel Universe) (Sheldon/Penny)

25. The Damnable Affair by SlytherinPride2292
Sheldon continues his day-to-day schedule without disruption. That is, until a Batman-loving, intelligent surgeon captures his mind and body, and even manages to disrupt his daily routine without him even knowing. Can someone make Sheldon Cooper fall for his 'baser urges? Past negates it, but Future says otherwise. (Sheldon/OC) (M)

26. The Vestigial Organ Recall by kmd5133
Sheldon gets sick. The guys bail on him, so it's Penny to the rescue (Sheldon/Penny)

27. The Inescapable Attachment Hypothesis by Syrus
A story showing how even the most hardheaded of people can change when given a good enough reason. (Sheldon/Penny)

28. Restoration by Risknight
Two weeks after the disastrous Arctic trip, Sheldon discovers a true friend. I hadn't intended to expand on this story, but my hubby gave me a good idea and I just couldn't ignore it. Not Leonard friendly (Sheldon/Penny)

29. Boyfriend by Callmejude
Sheldon proves he's human, and Leonard is thankful. (Sheldon/Leonard)

30. Strange and Charmed by SpaceAnJL Soft Kitty
Non-chronological The Paladin Protocol-verse ficlets. (Sheldon/Penny)

31. A Brand New World by Risknight
Penny can no longer take the anger, pain and unhappiness that is her life. So, she makes some big changes, starting with her circle of friends. Not Leonard/Amy friendly (Sheldon/Penny)

32. The La Mancha Stratagem by LANIKI
Sheldon Cooper chose to follow Don Quixote's plan for his life, including only loving pure and chaste from afar. That is, until a beautiful blonde woman moved in across the hall and changed everything. Including his life. (Sheldon/Penny)

33. Sleeping Pill by InsaneAndHappyAboutIt
Sheldon is feeling sexually frustrated and he, being a robot, has no idea how to deal with the situation. Naturally he doesn't behave as a normal person should... (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

34. The Whiteboard Correction by JustMyLuckiness
When Sheldon's Vulcan hearing detects the Beta Test conversation, he decides to intervene in an unexpected manner. After all, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. Will his efforts be successful? Not Leonard friendly (Sheldon/Penny)

35. The Reverse Crush Conundrum by Lizwontcry
Everyone was so focused on Leonard's crush on Penny that her all-consuming crush on Sheldon goes unnoticed. When Sheldon finds out about her feelings, they go on an emotional and physical journey neither of them saw coming (Sheldon/Penny)

36. Daily Occurrences by JLynnB Soft Kitty
Sheldon's turning thirty. To Penny's shock, that's the age of a mid-life crisis for a theoretical physicist. She'll help Sheldon face himself and his biggest nemesis - Kripke and his widdicule. (Sheldon/Penny)

37. The Dactylic Hexameter by PrincessButtercup83
Sheldon and Penny are friends. Right? (Sheldon/Penny)

38. The Galahad Principle by Chezzles.ze.Great
DARK!FIC. Plenty of angst. Penny is attacked and reaches out for Sheldon's help. (Sheldon/Penny)

RE: 2017 Top 200 Big Bang Stories - Nutz - 04-20-2018

39. Another Hesitation Ramification by Daedaleopsis Soft Kitty
Sheldon has always said that Penny and Leonard's relationship was a mistake. How will he react when he learns that Leonard couldn't accept Penny's proposal? (Sheldon/Penny)

40. The Intimacy Inspiration Initiative by danakate
Sheldon gets stuck again and the solution leads to some surprising events. (Sheldon/Penny)

41. Lessons From the Masters by Wolf Maid
It takes her a while to realize she's being wooed. (Sheldon/Penny)

42. The Browncoat Revelation by Ultrawoman
Sheldon had no idea that Penny shares one of his greatest passions, and when he finds out, it leads to a closeness neither could have imagined possible! (Sheldon/Penny)

43. The Caper Continuum by Eternal Contradiction
Sequel to Prank Wars. "I've got a proposal to make. I think we should continue this prank war, only instead of targeting each other, we should target other people. (Sheldon/Penny)

44. The Copper and Cobalt Polarization by silvergryphon06
Dr. Copper McIntyre is an old friend of Penny's and the new neighbor just one floor down. There's no doubt in anyone's mind that she and Dr. Cooper are going to have quite the reaction once they meet. (Sheldon/OC) (M)

45. The North Sea Nullification by Daedaleopsis Soft Kitty
Leonard thought a simple apology was enough when he tampered with Sheldon's monopole experiment. How will he react when someone interferes with his own research? Not Leonard friendly (Sheldon/Penny)

46. Prank Wars by Eternal Contradiction
It started with something Penny hadn't intended to be a prank and then escalated into so much more. With the tension between Sheldon and Penny, one of them has to break first. (Sheldon/Penny)

47. The Threat of Change by NightlyBlueDemons
The arrival of Sheldon's brother George forces him to realize that maybe he's not as immune to the female sex as he had thought. Could Mrs. Cooper's dreams finally be coming true? (Sheldon/Penny)

48. The Battered Physicist Anomaly by Axelrocks
Penny comes home to find Sheldon slumped by his door; face black and blue. She doesn't know what happened to him, but she will find out. Until then she's going to take care of him, all the while trying not to fall deeper in love. This should be easy, right? (Sheldon/Penny)

49. The Osculation Definition by Philyra912
Sheldon gets kissed. Things evolve from there. (Sheldon/Penny)

50. The Last of Us by SimplyKorra
People always ask her why she stays. (Sheldon/Penny)

51. Sheldon's Sick by Trbl
If only Penny had remembered what "Code Milky-Green" meant. (Sheldon/Penny)

52. The Alpha Dominance Principle by O.E.M
Sheldon Cooper believes in a multiple dimension and multiple universe theorem. This is the story about what would happen if the books of Mr. Sade and Mr. Sacher-Masoch were accepted. (Alternate Dimension) (Sheldon/Penny) (M)

53. The Sleeping Circumstance by Daydreaming-with-ink
An account of the many times Penny and Sheldon have slept together, in all sorts of lovely ways. (Sheldon/Penny) (M)

54. The Plan by TempestJo
Sheldon finds the secret to attracting Beautiful women and decides to try it out on the most beautiful woman he knows, the one he's had a secret crush on ever since she moved in across the hall… (Sheldon/Penny)

55. Pandora's Box by Lizwontcry
After he asks her for advice on how to take his relationship with Amy to the next level, Sheldon and Penny are drawn to each other. How far will they take their attraction, and how much will it cost them? (Sheldon/Penny) (M)

56. The Grad Student by Trbl
Penny can't just leave Sheldon to fend for himself when a Grad Student gets fresh. (Sheldon/Penny)

57. Sheldon, Junior by Trbl
Hanabi's 'Sheldon Wants A Baby' Challenge. Just a silly little one-shot. (Sheldon/Penny)

58. The Telepathic Transference Complication by Alex Conrad
A lab accident leaves Sheldon with the ability to read minds. Is this a gift or a curse? (Parallel Universe) (Sheldon/Penny)

59. The Naked North Sea Ramifications by devilbk Soft Kitty
Per Season 7, Episode 1, while Leonard was away on the North Sea expedition, he proudly showed a Youtube video of a nude scene Penny had done for the never-released film Serial Apist to his shipmates. This is what happens when Penny finds out about it. (Sheldon/Penny)(M)

RE: 2017 Top 200 Big Bang Stories - Nutz - 04-20-2018

60. Voided Agreements by Risknight
Penny and Sheldon are no longer friends. So who will help him when his world suddenly falls apart? Not Amy friendly WARNING: Attempted Rape (Sheldon/Penny) (M)

61. The Reverse Pygmalion Paradox by Bartimus Crotchety
Penny wakes up after a lost night of drinking with a surprise visitor with her in her bed. What really happened? Only one person knows, and he's got an eye twitch. (Sheldon/Penny)

62. The Arctic Revisited by SweetTale4u
Sheldon is advised by the University that his findings from his expedition require further field study. No one wants to go with him. Penny is back in school and Sheldon proposes she accompany him for college credit. Little does she know what awaits them (Sheldon/Penny) (M)

63. The Bon Voyage Parenthesis by Tuesday Pajamas Soft Kitty
Sheldon uncovers something about Penny that surprises him. So while Leonard is away researching gravitation radiation, Sheldon and Penny work on their own theory of relativity. Are they just resuming their friendship? Or could it mean more? (Sheldon/Penny)

64. The Great ComicCon Caper by Trbl
Sequel to "The Superior Colliculus Engagement". Penny, Sheldon, and the gang go to Comic-Con. But, of course, things are never that simple. Intrigue, danger, romance, and of course, humor. (Sheldon/Penny)

65. The Apocalypse Realization by MarieofIlledra
In a casual conversation about the zombie apocalypse, Leonard realizes something about the relationship between his ex and his roommate. (Sheldon/Penny)

66. Home to Texas by Reparata
Sheldon leaves Pasadena and his career and returns home, broken and betrayed. The people in his life unwillingly come to his rescue. He has found a life for himself that is satisfying. Will he want to go back? (Sheldon/Penny)

67. The Potted Orchid Proposition by R.J. Anderson
Sheldon has a plan, but Penny's not sure she can go along with it. How far will Sheldon go to convince her? (Sheldon/Penny)

68. Experiment by NoShoesNoShirtNoSheldon
Sequel to The Seduction Experiment: Upon realizing that Raj and Howard aren't just friends anymore, a curious Sheldon proposes to Leonard an experiment to find out if there is a difference between kissing a girl and kissing a guy. (Sheldon/Leonard) (Howard/Raj)

69. A Whole Lot Of Woo by Risknight
Short stories set in alternate universes about how Sheldon and Penny come together. (Collection) (Sheldon/Penny)

70. Assets Ogling by Eternal Contradiction
Otherwise known as 5 Times Sheldon Checked Out Penny Before She Finally Did Something About It. (Sheldon/Penny)

71. The Pon Farr Clause by SteelAgainstIvory
Unfortunately, Sheldon is no stranger to the evil animal instinct of arousal. So, through Leonard's own fault really , he has to help Sheldon overcome his baser desires. (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

72. Eligible Bachelor for the Holidays by MyOwnStar
The guys participate in a Holiday Fundraiser Bachelor Auction for the university and Sheldon is less than interested. What happens when he's actually got a winning bidder? (Sheldon/Penny)

73. The Ozian Declaration by PrincessButtercup83
Penny had wanted to be in the movies. How is it possible that her leading man turns out to be this guy? (Sheldon/Penny)

74. The Relationship Complexities by MissLaurenV
This story can be found at (Shamy)

75. A Breath of Fresh Air by Risknight
Howard's childhood friend has moved back to Pasadena suddenly, and she's only got eyes for a certain clueless physicist. (AU) (Sheldon/Penny)

76. The Homo Novus Experimentation by danakate
Penny tries to utilize the scientific method to try to seduce Sheldon for a bet. In the end, they both learn a lot about each other and themselves and the outcome is surprising for all. (Sheldon/Penny)

77. The Arctic Expedition Consequence by starfish001
Sheldon gets his revenge on Leonard. Set during 3.1 The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation (Sheldon/Penny) (M)

78. The Supersymmetry Revelation by Tuesday Pajamas Soft Kitty
When something unexpected happens between Sheldon and Penny, his lack of reaction has her deeply puzzled. Soon she discovers, how true love and true physics converge and her life is changed forever. (Sheldon/Penny)

79. The Wheaton Challenge by Kit-cat99
It's well known that Sheldon Cooper is far from a lady's man. But he just might have to try when Will Wheaton challenges him and his friends push him. Think of it as an experiment. One that's about to go horribly wrong. (Sheldon/OC)

RE: 2017 Top 200 Big Bang Stories - Nutz - 04-20-2018

80. Out of It by TempestJo
Sheldon is Penny's responsible friend while she recovers from anesthesia, with interesting results! (Sheldon/Penny)

81. Proving It by TempestJo
Penny and Sheldon, after the date with Amy (Sheldon/Penny) (M)

82. The Touch Paradigm Phenomenon by Jack Solo Black
Sheldon has a problem and he wants Leonards help... (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

83. Season 5 by Trisha Uchiha
What if Penny never slept with Raj but with a certain blue-eyed Physicist? Continues immediately from the season 4 finale. (Sheldon/Penny)

84. World of Weirdcraft by SpaceAnJL Soft Kitty
This is Sheldor the Conqueror – a cold, brutal warlord. He's quite a guy. This is Queen Penelope. She's a beautiful barbarian. She's one warrior-goddess who knows how to take care of herself. When they met, it was...Mordor… (AU) (Sheldon/Penny)

85. The Saturnalia Preposition by Trisha Uchiha
Sheldon is upset that Howard, Raj and Leonard are going back home for the holidays. He's even more startled that Penny is leaving as well and decides to accompany her in order to avoid isolation. (Sheldon/Penny)

86. The Aesop Continuum by kmd5133
Sequel to The Vestigial Organ Recall. What happens when Sheldon returns home after his emergency appendectomy. (Sheldon/Penny)

87. The Relocation Reasonings by Fayth3
Penny wonders if she should move back home. Sheldon has other ideas (Sheldon/Penny)

88. A Dish Served Cold by Risknight
Sheldon plots his revenge on his former friends for tampering with his experiment. (Sheldon/Penny)

89. Under Sheldon's Hood by SmuttyShipper
The boys debate whether size matters, and when Sheldon ridicules their pre-occupation, they decide that he's not packin' much. (Sheldon/Penny) (M)

90. The Amphetamine Phenylethylamine Effect by wonderwoundedhearers
Penny makes it easy for Sheldon to become 'one of the idiots' in ten simple stages… (Sheldon/Penny)

91. The Multiple Hypotheses Theorem by thebluemartian
The gang head to Las Vegas for a conference where Sheldon is presenting monumental findings. Soon there are changes in Sheldon and Amy's new relationship and a lot changes in the whole group. (Sheldon/Penny)

92. Sheldon's List by Trbl
Follow up to "Sheldon's sick". (Sheldon/Penny)

93. The Callipygian Exposition by SpaceAnJL Soft Kitty
This is Jim Parsons' fault for suggesting that Sheldon get ripped. (Sheldon/Penny)

94. The Penny Blossom Recalibration by devilbk Soft Kitty
Penny's sister is in a terrible car accident and Penny volunteers to take care of her 12-year-old nephew while her sister recovers. Sheldon inexplicably helps her. Secrets about Penny's life in Nebraska are revealed and things will never be the same. Not Leonard/Amy friendly (Sheldon/Penny)

95. Sex: The Final Frontier by freudian fuckup
Sheldon takes the leap from theory to practice. (Sheldon/Penny) (M)

96. The Parallel Universe Prospect by AliceAtHeart
What if Penny was born a genius and Sheldon wanted to be an actor? What if they completely switched places? What if? (AU) (Sheldon/Penny)

97. Sheldon's Plan by Trbl
Sequel to "Sheldon's List". (Sheldon/Penny)

98. Collide, or, The CooperBallard Convergence by Femme Bo
Whitney Ballard is a jaded military vet who has met many people in her life, but none of them have prepared her for Dr. Sheldon Cooper, PhD. Just a touch of a songfic here, which was the inspiration (Sheldon/OC)

99. Dissolve by tx-fictionqueen
Sheldon slowly digresses into old, destructive habits when his brother, George Jr., comes to visit for the summer. Penny promised Leonard she would look after his roommate when he embarked on his North Sea expedition. But not even she is prepared for the reveal of the darker side of Sheldon Cooper and how it will effect their relationship. (Sheldon/Penny) (M)

100. The Chaos Cognizance by Darcyfitz1
This Story can be found at (Shamy)

RE: 2017 Top 200 Big Bang Stories - Nutz - 04-21-2018

101. The Natural Selection Examination by lyrisca
Drunk and disillusioned by her dating options following her break-up with Leonard, Penny comes home from the club early and decides to hang out with Sheldon for the night. Things get weird. Very, very weird… (Sheldon/Penny)

102. The Cooper Hofstadter Replacement Theorem by xxchompchompchompxx
After catching Leonard cheating on her with Priya, Penny begins to see Sheldon in a new light. The only problem is, he is with Amy and there's no way he would ever return her affections... or could he? Not Leonard friendly (Sheldon/Penny)

103. Whatever Works by Concupiscence66
A visit from Leonard's mom takes an unexpected turn and the effects are far-reaching. (Sheldon/Leonard)

104. The Bleach Accident by TempestJo
Penny borrows Sheldon's bleach, then spills it… (Sheldon/Penny) (M)

105. Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt by Talitha Koum
Based on the movie The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Penny moves in to 4A and comes to find that the previous tenant has yet to leave. (Supernatural) (Sheldon/Penny)

106. Einstein's Definition Of Insanity by Risknight
After Leonard tries to move in with her, Penny takes a good hard look at her life and doesn't like what she sees. It's time to stop doing the same thing over and over and hoping for a different result. Losing Penny from his life makes Sheldon think about what is truly most important to him. Not Leonard friendly (Sheldon/Penny)

107. Tea and Sympathy by Concupiscence66
Sheldon cheers Leonard up. (Sheldon/Leonard)

108. The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of by TempestJo
Sheldon has a dream which opens new doors. (Sheldon/Penny) (M)

109. Piano Man by TempestJo
Penny arrives at the university to pick up Sheldon one night, and finds him in the auditorium. (Sheldon/Penny) (M)

110. The Christmas Excitation by jdschmidtwriter
When Penny gives Sheldon yet another incredible Christmas gift, he's forced to take desperate measures to equalize the scales. His actions have unexpected consequences, resulting in a Christmas neither of them will ever forget. (Sheldon/Penny)

111. Bundle of Joy by Risknight
Positive. Of course it was positive. Negative means everything stays the same. Positive means Penny is in deep, deep trouble. (Sheldon/Penny)

112. A Random Sequence Of Words by Risknight
The guys meet Stuart's new cashier, a cos-playing Nebraskan blond named Penny. (Parallel Universe) (Sheldon/Penny)

113. Disarray of Panties by Bella-Jade83
Penny adds a new routine to Sheldon's laundry night. (Sheldon/Penny) (M)

114. A Proverbial Itch by MrsFlanigan
Penny's frustrated and Sheldon only makes it worse. Until she catches him proving he is human after all. OOC for Sheldon but that's part of the fun. (Sheldon/Penny) (M)

115. The Sweet Vibrations Discovery by Zenkindoflove
While cleaning, Sheldon discovers a box under Penny's bed that he probably should have never seen. (Sheldon/Penny) (M)

116. The Relationship Evolution by Musickat18
This story can be found at (Shamy)

117. The Burrowing Wood Tick Analogy by kmd5133
Sequel to Aesop Continuum. Due to a snow storm, Penny can't go home for the holidays. Sheldon has an idea so she won't be alone. (Sheldon/Penny)

118. The Comfort Catalyst by Omhypothesis
After a catastrophe, Sheldon Cooper begins to realize what he's taken for granted. The story of an isolated man slowly discovering his humanity... with the help of a friend. (Sheldon/Penny) (M)

119. A Favorable Outcome by Risknight
A bet places Sheldon and the guys in a dance club, on the prowl. (Parallel Universe) (Sheldon/Penny)

120. Leap of Faith by JLynnB Soft Kitty
Penny needs a change and decides to go to her whack-a-doodle neighbor for help. While assisting in the effort to 'better' her Sheldon unexpectedly discovers what life is all about. Character Death (Supernatural) (Sheldon/Penny)

RE: 2017 Top 200 Big Bang Stories - Nutz - 04-21-2018

121. The Paternal Catalyst by Hermy Puckle
Because of her father, Penny finds herself hiding in the laundry room while Sheldon constructs a dating formula and Leonard performs human experiments. (Sheldon/Penny)

122. Love Is Hell by SlytherinPride2292
Sequel to Damnable Affair. While Kate and Sheldon are still surprised by each other's whimsy and unmasking their human selves, Leonard and Penny take their relationship to a whole new level and Raj is (yet again) single. (Sheldon/OC) (M)

123. How Penny Spent Her Summer by secondplacechampion
Once the boys left Pasadena for the North Pole, the biggest heat wave in a decade hit the west coast. And then Penny's air conditioner died. And then she flashed Howard from 3,300 miles away. (Sheldon/Penny)

124. The Lucky Penny Tergiversate by secondplacechampion
Penny deals with her emotions and her family as the world faces its inevitable doom. The boys have left, and what's with the note that Sheldon has left on Penny's door? (Disaster) (Sheldon/Penny)

125. The Homeostatic Adjustment by bazingafan
This Story can be found at (Shamy)

126. Wanted: Roommate Normal Need Not Apply by PrincessButtercup83
Sheldon and Penny become roommates (Sheldon/Penny)

127. The Downtown Distortion by kjewls
When Penny begins to suspect Leonard and Amy of having an affair, she and Sheldon embark on a journey, which takes them to a place that neither of them expected . . . (Sheldon/Penny)

128. The Break Up by Concupiscence66
Leonard and Sheldon aren't a couple, they're just roommates, so they can't break up. Only Leonard is stupid enough to buy that one. (Sheldon/Leonard)

129. The Silly Stocking Supposition by TriplePirouette
Amy leaves Sheldon to pursue more funding, and Penny is just looking for a fun way to cheer him up. Her gesture ends up meaning more than either of them anticipates. (Sheldon/Penny)

130. The Non-Committal Justification by Tuesday Pajamas Soft Kitty
When Sheldon seems to develop a physical reaction to the break-up of his relationship, Penny is more interested in helping him than sorting out her own. Set after the Season 8 finale (Sheldon/Penny)

131. Geneva, Je, T'aime by Lady Medusa Formalization
Sheldon and Penny finally get their chance to see the Hadron Collider and each other as well. (Sheldon/Penny)

132. The Enthrallment Variable by Concupiscence66
Penny thinks she's found the perfect girl for Sheldon. (Sheldon/Penny) (M)

133. The Progeniture Conundrum by Daedaleopsis Soft Kitty
Penny and the guys can't believe it when Sheldon receives a court order to take a paternity test. Is this the reason he's always been so close-mouthed about his past? The truth is stranger than any of them could have imagined. (Sheldon/Penny)

134. The Return of The Physicist by devilbk Soft Kitty
Sheldon returns to Pasadena after a summer away. He's ready to make some dramatic changes in his life and at least one person won't be happy about those changes. Not Leonard/Amy friendly (Sheldon/Penny)

135. Who's Gonna Love You Baby? by TempestJo
A just-for-fun story about Penny and what she'll do to avoid causing disturbance in Sheldon's Tuesday routine. Probably fluffy and maybe even OOC. (Sheldon/Penny)

136. The History Paradox by CatherineJosephineMarie007
Sheldon/OC fanfic. Less fluffy than my normal stuff, but it had to be to become appropriately geeky. (Sheldon/OC)

137. Triple Toddler Troubles by Risknight
Penny suddenly finds herself with three very smart babies. Thanks to Rene who contributed a little of this story. S/P Friendship. Not Leonard/Amy/Bernadette friendly (Sheldon/Penny)

138. Finding the Proper Tenses by Lady Lioness
Sheldon wakes up to a problem. (Time Travel) (Sheldon/Penny)

139. The Candlelight Effect by zekatamri
What happens when Sheldon and Penny both find themselves alone on Valentine's Day. (Sheldon/Penny) (M)

140. Paradoxical Sleep by MixItUp
When Sheldon and Penny begin sharing dreams, their relationship changes in ways they never anticipated. (Supernatural) (Sheldon/Penny)

RE: 2017 Top 200 Big Bang Stories - Nutz - 04-21-2018

141. The Thing About Chocolate by TempestJo
Sheldon and Penny are making chocolate covered cherries when education gets interesting... (Sheldon/Penny)

142. The Chemistry Corollary by starfish001
Sheldon watches as Penny and Leonard self-destruct… (Sheldon/Penny)

143. How Did This Happen? by MissBrittiny
It hits Penny that she has been falling for Sheldon since day one. It's getting harder and harder on her. What's worse? He knows. She is doing everything not to hurt Amy, her "bestie". (Sheldon/Penny)

144. The Known and Unknown Universe by Eternal Contradiction
Christmas Eve, an actress far from home receives a ghostly visitor in her hotel bedroom. Christmas Eve, a genius scientist is making final adjustments to his time machine. They meet. (Time Travel) (Sheldon/Penny)

145. The Agricultural Extrapolation by Daedaleopsis Soft Kitty
Penny moves back home temporarily when her father is hospitalized. Chaos ensues when not one but both of her nerdy next-door neighbors try to help. But only one of them can save her parent's farm... and perhaps win her heart. (Sheldon/Penny)

146. Perfect Fifth by MixItUp
Leonard and Sheldon have a beautiful new neighbor. Too bad that Leonard already has a girlfriend. 5th Universe (Parallel Universe) (Sheldon/Penny)

147. The Whip Inclination by TempestJo
Howard brings over something he figures will make him a bonafide ladies man, only Sheldon walks out with only lady in the room… (Sheldon/Penny)

148. The SnowFlake Effect by KeliLose
Going out of town as a group wasn't the problem, coming home was. When the gang gets stranded in a small town, with rooms filling up fast, Sheldon and Penny are forced to share a room. (Sheldon/Penny) (M)

149. The Communication Progression by graffy
It's one of those sweet moments where Sheldon is being playful without his usual condescension. Five moments where Sheldon told Penny something, and the one time she told him. (Sheldon/Penny)

150. The Uncertainty Difficulty by Risknight
Sheldon cut everyone out of his life after everything he had worked for, dreamed of or stood for was destroyed by his friends two years ago. When he learns that Penny has been hospitalized, he drops everything to return to Pasadena and help her. There's just one problem. Penny hates him. (Sheldon/Penny)

151. The Theory of Objectivity by Musickat18
This Story can be found on (Shamy)

152. The Superior Colliculus Engagement by Trbl
Sheldon's stuck, and goes to the one person he deems most capable of turning off their higher brain functions. (Sheldon/Penny)

153. The Specious Sibling Ultimatum by MissLaurenV
This story can be found at (Shamy)

154. The Reconnection Epiphany by Musickat18
This story can be found at (Shamy)

155. Creature of Habit by Bella-Jade83
Sheldon Cooper finds out that he's not always a creature of habit, all he has to do is banish a certain someone to find out. (Sheldon/Penny) (M)

156. The Vicisviator Agreement by iColor With Crayons
Sheldon Cooper has found a way to change his life, as well as those surrounding him. Will he take a chance he has thought about for years? Will a slightly altercation render life as he knows it meaningless? (Sheldon/Penny)

157. The Radial Velocity Condrum by Lady Lioness
Raj can suddenly talk to Penny and he is determined to find out why this change happened. (Sheldon/Penny)

158. The Impala Improbability by Darkly Dreaming
Sheldon is seduced by a car and Penny is seduced by Sheldon on said car. (Sheldon/Penny) (M)

159. Detour by supercave
He has to spend a year in high school, tenth grade. All Mary Cooper wants is for her baby to have some friends, maybe even a girlfriend. He's sure no good will come from this, and then he meets her. He hates it when he isn't right. (Alternate Dimension) (Sheldon/Penny)

160. Never Say Never by danakate
Sheldon and Penny play the drinking game "Never have I ever..." (Sheldon/Penny)

RE: 2017 Top 200 Big Bang Stories - Nutz - 04-21-2018

161. Chilly Kitty by TriplePirouette
Sheldon doesn't like change, even if it might get him the Nobel Prize.(Parallel Universe) (Sheldon/Penny)

162. No Catch Up Necessary by Syrus
What if Penny's nighttime visits to Sheldon's room were just what they seem? (Sheldon/Penny) (Light M)

163. New Beginnings by
Sheldon wins his Nobel Prize. Penny comes back to Pasadena to congratulate and celebrate. Everything has changed, was it for the better? (Sheldon/Penny) (M)

164. The Sheldon Shenanigan by Darkly Dreaming
Set after The Impala Improbability. Sheldon, with Penny's help, takes the opportunity to shock his coworkers into silence. (Sheldon/Penny)

165. And the Reel Plays On and On by greatestheights
Pause. Rewind. Fast-forward. As Sheldon struggles to understand when things began to shift with Penny, he discovers his normal approach is useless here. (Sheldon/Penny)

166. The Ramblings of a Warped Mind by Risknight
A collection of TBBT sci-fi. None of these stories are connected. They are all AU. (Collection) (Sheldon/Penny)

167. The New Relationship Explorationby the-fairy-godmother
Penny and Sheldon are finally together, but have not told anyone. they wanted to explore their new relationship themselves before letting anyone else know. (Sheldon/Penny) (M)

168. Only Once by Reparata
It had only been that one time but apparently that was all it took. Just one time without a condom. (Sheldon/Penny)

169. The Good Luck Bear Endeavor by Risknight
Penny discovers a very personal, private secret of Sheldon's. When he confronts her about her snooping, she finds out that Sheldon has never had a good experience with intimacy. Penny decides to rectify that. (Sheldon/Penny) (M)

170. Revelations by Risknight
It wasn't a big announcement. There weren't any huge proclamations. No one took out ad space in the paper. Everyone just sort of ...realized it. (Sheldon/Penny)

171. Babysitting by thisisonlineright
Dr. Sheldon Cooper was one of the greatest minds of his time; had two doctorates, an IQ of 187, a long list of accomplishments, and was at the top of his career. So, why was he stuck babysitting children he didn't even know? The Prequel to this fic, "Alcohol Leads to Cicatrice" can be found in the Lemonade thread (Sheldon/Penny)

172. Assuage Through Altruism by mandikm
It takes Penny seven days to finally make sense of what was always right there in front of her. Or more specifically, "who."  (Sheldon/Penny)

173. The Scientific Method by Pumpkin Head Jones
"Maybe the reason you don't find women sexually stimulating is because you prefer men." "Leonard, is that supposed to be some kind of joke that I'm not picking up on?" Sheldon tests his sexuality, with surprising results. (Sheldon/Leonard) (M)

174. The Big Reversal Theory Or the Vixen in 4B by hazelra
This story can be found at (Shamy)

175. The Parental Ambition by WeBuiltThePyramids
This story can be found at (Lenny)

176. The Bongo Experimentation by Ultrawoman
When Sheldon lets anarchy into his life (when he can't get his haircut as he wants) what if Penny becomes a larger part of the crazy he allows to take over? In the end, that can only be a good thing... right?  (Sheldon/Penny)

177. The Shiny Diamond Ring Revelation by degrassichick
When Leonard asks Penny the question that all girls wait to be asked, Sheldon is less than prepared for his reaction to her response, and that scares him more than anything's ever scared him before. (Sheldon/Penny)

178. A Purely Academic Driven Proposal by mfig
Sheldon is curious about human mating rituals. (Sheldon/Penny) (M)

179. Beginning by Risknight
In a world were Penny and Sheldon grow up together, what will happen when emotions start to intrude on their friendship? (Alternate Dimension) (Sheldon/Penny)

180. And Your Ego, That's The Best Part by Talibra
"In theory," Sheldon says one night, as they waste time watching Battlestar Galactica, "we are much closer emotionally than you and Penny could ever hope to become." Leonard doesn't know what to say to that. (Sheldon/Leonard)